Hello, Larsian! Grilled Goods at Fuente Osmeña, Cebu

Larsian Cebu

Taken from Larsian’s Facebook Page

Much has been written about Larsian, the go-to place for barbecue in Cebu City. After all, who doesn’t know about it yet? Located near Chong Hua Hospital around the Fuente  Osmeña Circle, Larsian has been a prominent place to enjoy barbecue and grilled food with family and friends. I’ve read reviews that the dining experience is ruined by the smoke that gets in your eyes from all the grilling, but I was probably lucky that the place has already been renovated, and that diners are not hassled by the smoke anymore.

Larsian Cebu


Upon entering the vicinity, you will be overwhelmed by the number of stalls that offer practically the same goods. I don’t really know if there’s a specific way to choose which stall to buy from, but the charm of Kuya from Merasol’s got our attention. He said in Bisaya, which my friend translated for me, “Sir, sa amin na kayo kumain. Ano ba wala sa amin? Sabihin nyo lang at kukunin natin sa iba.

Larsian Cebu

Busy night at Larsian

Tables are color-coded based on the stall of your choice, so you don’t have full freedom of choosing where to sit. There are also a lot of TV around the area, so diners get to enjoy eating their barbecue while watching TV.

Cebu Larsian

Puso or Hanging Rice

The Puso, or Hanging Rice is the form in which they sell cooked rice in the streets of Cebu. It is cooked rice wrapped in weaved leaves. Each puso costs three pesos. There is a slight slit in the middle which allows you to break the weaving open, without having to unweave the leaves in order to unwrap the rice. It’s called Hanging Rice because it has a cord which allows the puso to be conveniently transported. I fondly call this the Kanin Rice. :D

Larsian Cebu

Larsian Cebu

Don’t go asking around for spoons and forks here, because you won’t get any. Barbecue is best eaten with your hands, or in our case, with our hand inside a thin plastic. You can just wash your hands after your meal at washing areas wherein they have a plastic jar with clean water and a bar of soap to wash your hands with.

Cebu LArsian


Condiments for your barbecue include their sweet barbecue sauce, vinegar, soy sauce, as well as calamansi and sili. We got atay, paa (50 Pesos), isaw, barbecue, siomai sa tisa (7 Pesos Ea), chorizo, and some more I can’t remember. They also serve this with free soup,a lthough the soup is a little oily. Me and my friend consumed a total of nine puso, and our total bill is worth 272 Pesos or 136 Pesos per person . We were so full and satisfied after our heavy meal.

Stalls offer softdrinks, water, and fruit shakes (50 pesos ea). I think barbecue is best enjoyed with softdrinks. I consumed two bottles of 7-Up, which I normally am not able to.

I don’t think the Metro Cebu dining experience, or the Metro Cebu experience in general, will ever be complete without visiting Larsian. All the while, I kept wondering why Manila didn’t have its own version of Larsian. This might prove to be a good entrepreneurial venture for foodtreps in Manila. :) -HANA

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