Buying J.CO Donuts : Unboxing Realizations about the Indonesian Donut Giant donut prices

J.Co Donuts

So I’ve been waiting for the J.Co Donut fad to die down, but after more than a year after the famous donut brand from Indonesia first branch opened here in the Philippines, and nine more branches after that, the donut love for J.Co doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

The father of a friend of mine from the province recently came to Manila. There were no J.CO Donuts in their place, and I decided to buy a dozen for them. When I got to the J.CO Megamall Branch at 2 in the afternoon, there were already about eighteen people in line. Yes. At two in the afternoon.

So, what choice have I got but to get in line? The woman in front of me was offered by one of the SAs with a box of ready-packed assorted donuts which will save her the trouble of waiting in line if she didn’t want to handpick the donuts. She accepted the offer and walked towards the alternate counter. Of course, upon hearing this, I followed her, thinking I’d do the same — get an pre-packed box of assorted donuts. But when I got to the counter, there was only 1 box of a dozen assorted donuts, and the woman got lucky to be offered that box. I was told that they only had half dozens available. I needed 1 dozen of donuts, I said, and suggested they give me two half dozen donuts instead. They said that half dozens costs 230 Pesos per box, while a dozen donuts costs 350 per box, and that if I were to get two half dozens, I would have to pay 460 Pesos for the two half dozens. Well played, J.Co. Well played.

So I got back in line, or back to the end of the line, rather. While in line, I was able to contemplate on the prices. The price was 230 Pesos for a half dozen donuts, 350 Pesos for a dozen, and 550 Pesos for 2 dozens. Now I was already holding on to the 500 Pesos I was going to pay for one dozen, and I thought, if I added another 50 Pesos, I could get two dozens, instead, and I would be able to save more. And all the while, while in line, I was so amazed by the selling strategy of this Indonesian Donut Giant that encouraged people to buy more donuts for them to save more, and still making sure that they profit more with this consumer mentality. That, and getting in line for more than thirty minutes for half a dozen donuts is stupid and impractical. So buy more to make it worth your time in line.

With only three people ahead of me, and more than thirty minutes in line, I was called by one of the SAs in the alternate counter and was told that they already have pre-packed dozen donuts available. I made my way to the alternate counter, grabbed two boxes despite initially planning to buy only one, and held on to it through the strong rain, and MRT-LRT rides.

I gave one box to the father of my friend as a gift, and went home with the other. I was sure my parents have never tasted J.CO Donuts, and it would surprise them to see frugal little me to be taking home a box of what they would consider “expensive” donuts. I’m glad I did, though. I think that it’s always priceless for me to see them experience and enjoy something new. donuts

One before work

A tip: Heat donuts if you’ve kept them refrigerated for some hours. The cream inside and on the surface of the donuts harden, making it difficult and less enjoyable to eat. Put it in the microwave for some thirty seconds, and ta-da! Soft donuts with warm cream oozing with every bite.

So yes, in the future, let me say that I am going to buy J.Co Donuts instead of birthday cakes. It’s more fun like that :) -HANA

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