Mini-Discoveries During My Cebu Trip

Alberto's Pizza Cebu

Alberto’s Pizza Hawaiian Pizza and Shawarma Pizza

Because of my love for shawarma and pizza, I have come across Alberto’s Shawarma Pizza, a 2-in-1 f two things I love the most in this world. Unfortunately, they only have branches in Cebu. Which is why during my Cebu trip, I made it a point to try Alberto’s Shawarma Pizza for myself.

I think that one of the great problems that Tagalog people (who do not know how to communicate in Bisaya) will face when in Cebu is the fact that many people in Cebu cannot communicate in Tagalog. It is rather frustrating that they only know Bisaya, but I take comfort in the fact that many of them can communicate well in English. So when ordering or trying to buy something in Cebu, try English over Tagalog, or seek help from a friend who knows Bisaya. It will save you time and effort.

Alberto's Pizza Cebu

Alberto’s Hawaiian Pizza

Pizza is just my kind of breakfast in bed. Pizza ranks heavy on my list of comfort foods, and it’s definitely a good way to welcome a day for me. Unfortunately, I don’t think pizza and coffee goes well together, but that’s okay! I’ll still have pizza and coffee on a cold morning, any day.

So Alberto’s 11-inch Hawaiian Pizza, priced at 155 Pesos, wasn’t bad. The dough tasted a bit floury, but it was thin and it did not lack on the cheese. It had mushrooms, onions, pineapple, and ham as toppings.

alberto pizza cebu

Alberto’s Shawarma Pizza

The Shawarma Pizza did not fare too well for me. The vegetables were a bit soggy, and the ground meat was everywhere. The biggest disappointment was that the shawarma sauces that were really essential in bringing out the shawarma taste was not there. I had to make do with hotsauce, which doesn’t really do much for shawarma. :( Nevertheless, I consumed this whole 11-inch by myself. Plus half of the 11-inch Hawaiian Pizza.

Alberto’s Pizza offers very affordable pizza, but it’s nothing extraordinary. It’s good if you’re hungry and want to munch on a lot of pizza, because it’s cheap. It makes for great, cheap snacks, and would be best with beer or soft drinks :)


Julie's bakeshop

Julie’s Siopao. Is that ketchup??

One morning, I craved for some Julie’s Bakeshop goods, and found a nearby Julie’s bakeshop down the street. I bought eggpies and siopao, and a cup of coffee. When I got back to my hotel room, I was met with surprise that I was given ketchup with my siopao.  There must be some mistake, I thought. Little did I know that it was common to eat siopao with ketchup in Cebu, or maybe even in other cities. In Manila, we have the sweet siopao sauce, and hardly is ketchup ever used for siopao. I love ketchup, but this is definitely new to me.


Cebu bar v. rama

Papa’s Seafood Resto-bar, V. Rama, Cebu

My friend brought me to Papa’s Seafood Resto-bar at V. Rama, Cebu to enjoy a night of music, drinks, and a sizzling plate of sisig. The prices of the food and drinks were a little steep. I ordered only a bucket of Light and a plate of Sizzling Sisig, but the total was worth more than 600 Pesos. The band and the music made up for it, though. The band that played that night was called Music Nuts. They injected fun humor to their performances, which sends the crowd laughing. I found some of the jokes I actually understood funny, but most of the jokes were Bisaya, hence my need for a translation c/o my friend.

Here’s a performance of the Music Nuts I found on Youtube.

The band’s really amazing. I would have stayed until 2 in the morning to finish their set, but was a little tired from walking around a lot that day. The band plays from Thursday-Sunday, so I hope you guys can check them out. By the way, the lead singer is my friend’s dad.

I know I haven’t explored Cebu as much as I should have. Despite that, the little discoveries I had made it all worth the trip.-HANA


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