Back from Cebu City

I spent some five days in Cebu last week, and it was my first time flying solo and travelling alone. Now that’s definitely off my To-Do list before I turn 23 next month. The trip was more personal than for sightseeing or exploring purposes, so there’s not really much to blog about, and I didn’t do a lot of sightseeing either. Most of the time was spent catching up with friends and friends’ families and going around Metro Cebu. It was too bad I didn’t get to go to the beaches because the time was too short, but I’ll definitely come back sooner than I think. :)

I left home on a rainy afternoon, with my hand carry luggage (a backpack, a slingbag, and a plastic envelope) which I toiled preparing over after lunch of that same day. There was too much I didn’t know about what is allowed in hand-carried luggage. I didn’t know I’m not supposed to bring sunblocks and lotions, creams and all those things I deemed essential in my daily routine. My mom also had doubts about the bag I initially planned on bringing because it seemed to big, so I had to settle with a backpack, which was clearly too small for the number of clothes I intended to bring. The problem with me is that I try to bring as much clothes as I can so that I’d have choices. I guess hand-carry luggage is not for the indecisive.

Packing done!

I was very proud of myself for finally packing everything in a small backpack, and half-praying that it lasts me five days. I intended to bring three pairs of shoes, plus a pair of flats and a pair of flipflops, but that just wouldn’t fit. In the end, I decided to bring a pair of boots, a pair of flats, and my flipflops. Sigh. Next time, say no to hand-carry luggage, Hana.

The rain that afternoon made it difficult to get to the airport, because of the traffic and the flooded streets that the taxi had to cross. I got to the Manila Domestic Airport or NAIA Terminal 4 two hours before boarding time, and had so much time to kill. It was a good thing that a) There is Free Wifi, b) There is a charging station, c) There’s TV. My flight got delayed for another thirty minutes, if it wasn’t enough that it got delayed three hours already. Must be the rain. This gave me some time to grab some snacks before boarding time.

At 8:30 in the evening, we finally got to board the plane. While excited, I didn’t know that I was still quite scared of flying. Seated on the window seat, seatbelts fastened, my body was so tense, eyes closed and was praying for my dear life. This might be a good addition to the list of reasons why I’ll never become a travel blogger: a) I hate packing; b) I hate flying. I wanted to fall asleep just so that I’ll stop being nervous and calm my damn heart. I’ve read the brochures so many times to know how to inflate the life jacket, what to do with the oxygen mask, etc. My nerves were all over the place. I haven’t been on a plane in six years.

Window seat yay

Finally, the plane took off. Despite what they (my parents and friends) say about ZestAir being the worst airlines company EVER, I think that the flight was smooth, and this is coming from someone who’s afraid of flying. After more than an hour, we arrived in Mactan. I wanted to go shake the hands of the captain and thank him for the wonderful flight and that I wish he’d be the captain of my flight back to Manila. Seriously.

There really isn’t much story to tell about my trip to Cebu, but what little I learned about Metro Cebu, I’ll make sure to share with you. It was rather fortunate that during my five days there, it hardly rained. I got to enjoy walking around a lot, and walk long distances I did. I remember walking from my small budgetel located at Colon St. to Ayala. Despite this, I think I need another trip to explore Metro Cebu more. There were some places I wanted to go to like Lantaw in Busay, but due to time constraints, I couldn’t fit it in my schedule anymore.

I expect I’ll be back in Cebu in a few months time, so feel free to comment with your recommendations of places to visit in Cebu! :) -HANA

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