Super Duck Modern Tea, Ortigas: Satisfying Milk Tea Cravings

Super Duck Milk tea

Super Duck Tea Shop, Ortigas

With the amount of milk tea shops in every corner of the country now, Super Duck Modern Tea is a stand out. Originally a popular Taiwanese Milk tea brand, Super Duck has made its way in the Philippine market through the combined efforts of the four franchise owners, Steve and wife Ellen, Olivia, and Dennis. And it wasn’t as simple as just paying for the franchise, they said, because they had to undergo rigorous training in Taiwan to be able to deliver the same Super Duck quality that the Taiwanese are enjoying.

Super Duck milk tea

Super Duck Modern Tea, Ortigas

I enjoyed listening to Super Duck owners Steve and Dennis talk because they were very passionate about the product, and it says a lot about the business. When they talk, they exude this confidence which says that the rest of the milk tea shops better watch their back, because a more fierce competition is about to conquer the market.

super duck milk tea

Super Duck Modern Tea : The Number 1 Tea Shop in Lukang

Now if you’re tired with all the sugar-pumped milk teas that all the rest of the milk tea shops are offering, Super Duck might just be what you’re looking for. It understands the perfect balance of the taste of tea and the sweetness that we Filipinos love, but leans more on delivering the taste of tea that gives substance and depth to the drink.

super duck milk tea

Super Duck Modern Tea, Ortigas

It was a milk tea party with six other foodie blogger friends, and we had a blast trying out every glass of milk tea we can get our hands on. We enjoyed lounging too with the free wifi for the customers.

super duck modern tea ortigas

Orange Grapefruit Green Tea with Perilla Seeds, Nata and Fig Jelly

Super Duck’s Orange Grapefruit Green Tea with Perilla Seeds, Nata and Fig Jelly is your perfectly sweetened citrus drink. I personally shy away from anything that’s sour, but I especially like this Orange Grapefruit Green Tea for the following reasons: 1) The taste is intriguing because it’s a blend of orange, grapefruit, and green tea flavor; 2) I like the perilla seeds. 3) It’s sweet :)

roselle plum tea philippines

Roselle Plum with Fig Jelly

The Roselle Plum with Fig Jelly was my favorite from the drinks I’ve tasted that day. Brewed from Roselle, from the Hibiscus family, the Roselle Plum with Fig Jelly has this kiamoy taste which I like. It’s also helpful in lowering high blood pressure.

roselle tea philippines

Roselle from the Hibiscus Family

super duck menu philippines

Shrooms – 65 Pesos

The Shrooms, priced at 65 pesos per serving/cup was something we all enjoyed munching on. It was mushrooms friedn which provided a healthy and delicious snack. The juicy and meat-like Shrooms come in two variants, the Plum and Pepper, and Salt and Pepper. We all agreed that the Plum and Pepper was better than the Salt and Pepper, because the sweet taste of Plum appealed to us over the basic and more neutral taste of the Salt and Pepper Shrooms. Kids will definitely enjoy the Plum and Pepper Shrooms.

veggie nuggets philippines


Say hello to the V-Nuggets – nuggets without the guilt because it is made of veggies! And what’s more, they taste like chicken. Super healthy and great for my diet, too!

tofu snack philippines

Tofu Bites – 60pesos per serving

I love that Super Duck’s menu is full of items that are non-threats to my diet! The Tofu Bites is a healthy choice for an appetizer or a snack while sipping your fill of milk tea.

plum green tea philippines

Plum Green Tea

Their Plum Green Tea has real plum bits and slices, which you can chew on while enjoying the tea. What I especially liked about Super Duck’s Green Tea is that their green tea doesn’t taste like the overpowering green tea that I don’t like. All of their green teas have very subtle taste, leaving more room for the taste buds to enjoy the other flavors infused in the drink.

vegetable cheesedog manila

V-Chzdog and Fries

While having your cup of tea, you might want to munch on Super Duck’s V-Chzdog and Fries, with their Chzdog made of purely veggies, but tastes like meat! A really guilt-free snack that everyone will enjoy.

Super Duck Modern Tea carries so many tea and milk tea variants, you just have to try them all!

super duck ortigas

Super Duck ortigas

Super duck tea ortigas

Super Duck milk tea ortigas

Super duck ortigas

Super Duck’s Regular-sized Drink

Their cups are very durable, you can take yours home and reuse it sometime.


super duck ortigas

Super Duck’s Toasted Breads

Super Duck also carries toasts, which comes in two variants: first variant has Taiwanese chocolate spread all over, and tasted much like Nutella. The second variant has Butter coconut spread, like latik, and is Super Duck’s version of the popular Kaya Toast.

super duck nai kai

Super Duck’s Nai Kai with Cheese

Super Duck’s version of milk tea topped with cream cheese. It’s delicious and not nakakaumay. You can drink two cups of this and still want more, because it’s not too sweet.

Two noteworthy drinks from Super Duck’s menu are, would you believe, infused with alcohol?

Heineken Tea

Super Duck’s Heineken Green Tea

Super Duck Bailey's milk tea

The Regular Bailey’s Milk Tea contains 2 shots of Baileys, while the Regular Heineken Green Tea contains 1/3 bottle of Heineken. This is a must-try since not many milk tea shops offer drinks mixed with alcohol. It’s also delicious, too, and the alcohol taste is not overpowering.

taiwan jelly dessert philippines

Taiwan Herbal Jelly Dessert – 100 pesos

For desserts, Super Duck offers Taiwan Herbal Jelly Dessert, a healthy dessert with pearls, three kinds of balls including QQ balls, and 2 kinds of jelly. Unlike the Pinoy summer staple dessert, Halo-halo, which is loaded with sugar, the Taiwan Herbal Jelly Dessert is loaded with healthy ingredients. At 100 pesos per tub, four-five people get to enjoy a satisfying and guilt-free dessert.

super duck ortigas

We took home our favorite drinks with us. Mine is the Roselle Plum with Fig Jelly at the far end of the column. :D

Go and drop by Super Duck Modern Tea Shop in Ortigas and enjoy a variety of tea, juices, and milk tea at its finest. It’s very near Robinsons Galleria, Ortigas, almost across Rob’s ADB entrance, and some two minutes away. You won’t miss it. –HANA

super duck tea ortigas

Map to Super Duck Modern Tea Shop, Ortigas

Super Duck Modern Tea
Unit 111 A and B,

AIC BURGUNDY Empire Tower,

Garnet st. corner ADB avenue,
Ortigas, Pasig City
For inquiries, call 570-2292


super duck ortigas

See you at Super Duck!

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