Outfit Post : Pastel, Denims and Lace

Here’s an outfit with all the things I love: denims, lace, and pastels.

Casual in Pastel

Put together with Polyvore. One of the pieces I really loved in this mix is the ear cuff. As a child, I used to need earrings that did not require my ears pierced. Both of my ears were healing from a self-induced stupidity, and we were waiting for the piercing to heal and eventually disappear. This did not allow me to wear earrings for a long while, and also made me afraid of wearing earrings ever again. I had to opt for magnetic earrings, and earrings that were loosened and tightened with a screw, instead of the regular earrings. I probably would have loved the ear cuffs had they been in trend back then. :)

Most of the looks I put together are casual looks, something I’d definitely wear if the occasion calls for it. I hope you liked this set and would watch out for my future outfit sets :) -HANA

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