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Spring Singapura : True To Its Singaporean Roots

Spring Singapura

Spring Singapura : Finest Cuisine From the Heart of Garden City

Before I set out to attend to Spring Singapura’s invite to sample their best dishes, along with some co-foodies, I had a funny conversation with my mom, which went something like:

Mom: Saan ka pupunta ngayon? (Where are you going now?)

Hana: Ma, sa Spring Singapura sa Metrowalk. (Ma, to Spring Singapura at Metrowalk)

Mom: Ano food dun? (What food do they serve?)

Hana: Umm.. Singaporean?

It was funny because the name already gave it ...

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Outfit Post : Summer Sweetheart

I’ve been putting together summer-inspired outfits via Polyvore recently, with the heat really getting to me, even with the protection and comfort of my house. I think that in putting together outfits, I am particularly keen to always include a blazer or cardigan, since I personally feel vulnerable without one. So yes, it’s summer-themed, but I will diss the heat because I want to throw in a cardigan in my look. This one’s particularly nice, with the studs...

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Outfit Post : Pink Shades of Summer

I’m a sucker for all things pink — pastel pink and gold rose pink being on top of my list. And since it is so humid outside with no breeze to quell the heat of summer, I put together a summer outfit using Polyvore. Shorts are perfect for summer. Sweater, not as much, but if it’s light, loose and breezy, then you’re good to go. Shades to protect your eyes from the bright sun, and stilettos just because. :) -HANA

Pink Shades of Summer
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Lime 88 : Street food with a Twist

Lime 88

Lime 88 : Street Food Haven with a Culinary Twist

I have probably been living under a rock all this time to not have discovered Lime 88, one of Mandaluyong’s treasure trove of street food goodness. And when we say street food, we didn’t mean the ordinary grub you find on just about any corner of any given street. Prepare yourself for a display of some really sosyal street food, street food like you’ve never seen nor imagined before.

A little background before anything else: Lime 88 started out...

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