Julie’s Bakeshop Summer Breads Surprise Puts The Color in Summer

Julie's Summer Breads

Julie’s Bakeshop Summer Breads Surprise

Summer now has a splash of color with Julie’s Bakeshop, one of the country’s leading bakeshops, launching of Summer Breads Surprise, their newest addition of delectable breads for the kids and young-at-heart.

Julie’s Bakeshop, the result of Julie Gandioco’s motherly lovely for her family since 1981, has grown to become the Philippine’s largest bakeshop chain, reaching up to 130 franchises all over the country. Despite this success, it has remained the bakeshop Filipinos would always love for its delivery of high quality breads at affordable prices.

Last Saturday, we were invited by our friends from Julie’s bakeshop to the Summer Breads Launch, and find out more about what the colorful baked goodies that everyone will surely love.

Julie's Summer Breads

Julie’s Bakeshop Rainbow Cupcakes

Fall into Cupcake Love with Julie’s Bakeshop’s Rainbow Cupcake! I was smitten by the colors. It comes in four different tropical flavors: pineapple, strawberry, buko pandan, and ube, with confetti sugar toppings that make for one festive treat. My baby cousin loves to munch on this! And at 12php/piece or 75php/ 6 pieces, who wouldn’t want to take home a dozen as pasalubong to the kids?

Julie's Summer Bread

Julie’s Bakeshop’s Rainbow Round Cake

At 160php/cake, Julie’s Rainbow Round Cake is sure to be a staple in birthdays and events. It is inexpensive, super tasty, and six-inch goodness bursting with happy colors! Birthday candles na lang ang kulang!

Jule's Summer Breads

Rainbow Square Cake Slice at 45php

Julie’s Rainbow Square Cake Slice is the mini-version of the Rainbow Round Cake, for when you want to treat yourself to a cake, and can’t really eat a whole six-inch. It’s the same butter chiffon cake with three layers of color, coated with creamy whipped cream and confetti sugar toppings. My cousins love this!

Julie's Summer Surprise

Yummy Yoyos at 5php

The Yummy Yoyos, named after that one thing they look like the most, is a happy burst of flavor stuffed in soft, round sandwich puffs, and comes in four variants: Orange, Buklo Pandan, Pineapple, and Strawberry. Kids love this treat, and at 5php, this is something you can reward the kids with.

Julie's Summer Breads

Fruit-Filled Breads at 7php

Julie’s Fruit Filled Breads are tasty, flower-shaped pastries bursting with flavor of Guava, Mango, and Pineapple. The Mango, which is my personal favorite, would surely be a hit.

Julie's Summer Breads

Julie’s Chicken Empanada at 8php/pc

Last, but definitely not the least of Julie’s Bakeshop’s Summer Offerings, is Julie’s take on the classic Pinoy snack, the Chicken Empanada. Among the bunch, this was my favorite, and I kept confessing my love for Julie’s Empanada, on Facebook and Twitter, and in person, to the point that it’s embarrassing! I really fell in love with the sweet chicken filling.

Julie's Summer Breads

Cross-section of Julie’s Empanada

I will make it a point to spread the love for this Empanada. At 8php/piece, let me buy my friends who’ll be celebrating their birthdays soon a box of this heavenly pastry. I am sure everyone in our group loved Julie’s Empanada just as much as I did.

Julie's Summer Surprise

Julie’s Bakeshop Summer Breads Surprise

Trust me when I say that I’m glad I discovered what Julie’s Bakeshop has to offer. I’m equally glad that they are starting to put more colors into their pastries! It’s definitely not only a gastronomic treat, but very visually enticing as well. These baked treats are now available at all Julie’s Bakeshop branches nationwide. Try it soon! -HANA

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