International Food Exhibition (IFEX) Philippines 2013 : Discoveries From the Biggest Food Expo of 2013

IFEX Philippines

IFEX Philippines May 16-19 2013

The Internation Food Exhibition (IFEX) Philippines held last May 216-19 2013, occupying all halls of the SM MOA SMX Convention Center has brought together a massive number of people for the biggest food expo of 2013 yet. Featuring local and international food products, many have come together to discover new food products, as well as support our own food industry.

IFEX Philippines 2013

IFEX Philippines 2013

IFEX Philippines

IFEX Philippines 2013

IFEX Philippines 2013

IFEX Philippines 2013


IFEX 2013

Brunei Darussalam Food Booths

Many booth owners, especially those from other countries, did their best in decorating their booths to display the vibrant uniqueness of what their culture has to offer.

food expo 2013

Korea Booth

Food exhibit 2013

Japan Booth

Many shoppers took advantage of the fresh produce which were on sale.

Food exhibit 2013

Fresh Produce on sale at IFEX 2013

Food expo 2013

Fruits on sale at IFEX 2013


international food expo philippines

A booth selling fruits at the IFEX

IFEX Philippines 2013

Meals were also sold inside the venue

The expo-goers enjoyed going around, sampling many of the food products that offered free taste:

IFEX Philippines 2013

Philippine food expo

Ideal Noodles

valley farm sardines

Valley Farm Booth offering free taste of a pasta recipe they made with their Valley Farm Spanish Sardines

Here are some of the share-worthy food discoveries we’ve made at the IFEX Philippines 2013:

international food expo

Sambal Belacan: Spicy Malaysian Bagoong at 70 pesos per cup

food exhibit philippines 2013

Cool Taste : Jelly Ace drink kids would love


philippine products expo

Cheapest Sinamak Vinegar bottle I found at 50 pesos from Handayan

chocovron philippines

From the creators of Chocovron: Stevia Sugar-free Polvoron, Malunggay and Ampalaya Flavor

tablea philippines

bagoong philippines

I love the product presentation

marmalade philippines

Castillejo’s Calamansi Marmalade Jam was delicious!

Mi goreng noodles philippines

Mi Goreng: Spicy Malaysian Noodles


energen go-fruit

Energen Go-Fruit Cereal drink with Corn: Great and healthy way to start your day

Bayani brew philippines

Bayani Brew: I saw this at Levante and wanted to buy one thinking it was some kind of beer, only to find out it was very close to the taste of Salabat

Food expo 2013 manila

Powdered Drink Variants: Gulaman, Watermelon, Pineapple



welch's grape juice manila

Welch’s Fiber 100% Grape Juice


Soy master philippines

Soy Master Flavoured Soy Drinks

fish tocino philippines

The Fish Tocino is definitely an innovation

ifex 2013 manila

Smoked Mackerel and Smoked Milkfish

carabao milk philippines

Cheese made from Carabao Milk: Creamier and has more substance. Hope more pastry chefs start patronizing this cheese for their creations

tablea philippines

Tablea: famous chocolate tablets. Like the carabao milk, I do hope that more people would use tablea for their recipes to promote ingredients that are uniquely Filipino

atchara philippines

Mamang Puring’s Atchara: Delicious atchara great as sides; sacheted and sold for 25 pesos


japanese sake manila

Japanese Sake at the Japan Booth. Their cheapest is a smal bottle of sake priced at 550 pesos.

soju philippines

Japanese Soju, the cheapest bottle priced at 450 pesos

One of the more promising discovewries I’ve seen was the powdered calamansi sachet. No more squeezing calamansi or getting the smell of calamansi on your fingers when preparing condiments. At 1 peso per sachet, and one sachet equivalent to two calamansi, this is a steal, and definitely a convenience. It tastes very much like calamansi, too.

powder calamansi philippines

Powder Calamansi sold at 1 peso per sachet

powder calamansi philippines

Powdered Calamansi

powder calamansi manila

Enjoyed our siomai with powdered calamansi.

There were so many food booths that we couldn’t feature because at some point, we were already so full with all the free tastes we enjoyed. The IFEX Philippines 2013 was definitely enjoyable with a lot of newly found food and food products we’ll surely look out for in the market. The next IFEX Philippines is scheduled for May 21-24, 2015, which is two year from now! I hope that it will be just as enjoyable as this one. It excited me to no end what food innovations the Filipino’s talented and creative mind can come up with. Til next IFEX Philippines-HANA

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