Vote in the World We Want: a UN’s Global Survey

UN survey world we want

World We Want Global Survey

What kind of world do you want? What kind of world do people around the planet wants?

This is exactly what the United Nations, with its global survey, World We Want is set to determine. The United Nations are currently drafting plans for programs and projects which aim to reach goals that matter by 2015. Let’s face it: there are so many causes out there. But with the resources we’re given, we can only do so much in a limited period of time. And the United Nations wants our opinion on the matter: what exactly do we want our world to be by the year 2015?

With a few clicks, you let your voice be heard. You let the world know what matters to you, and you become a participant in the cause of improving this planet. No registration required. Simply choose six causes which are important to you.

Make a difference with just a few clicks. Vote now at World We Want Website. Like World We Want on Facebook for updates on the poll.

Don’t forget to share the link to your friends! Share because each one’s opinion matters in making our little space in the universe a better place to live in. -HANA

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