Sidebar : the “New Old” Classy Spot in El Pueblo, Ortigas

Sidebar, El Pueblo Ortigas

In a small corner of El Pueblo, Ortigas lies Sidebar, a cozy bar that is yet to be discovered by many. And I am glad that I discovered it before it became too mainstream or too crowded, because Sidebar would make a really good chill place in the evenings.

Sidebar has recently revamped the space and relaunched last April 19, 2013 with fresh additions to the menu. And you would want to find out which dishes and drinks are worth trying.

Sidebar El pueblo

The New Sisig Experience – MUST TRY

The New Sisig Experience is a mix of Classic sisig, Lettuce and avocadom all wrapped in soft tortilla, garnished with tomato salsa and sour cream mayo sauce. It also comes with a shot of Cachaca, a premium Brazilian rhum. This tastes really great, but can get a little oily. The rhum is too strong for me, so I’ll pass on the rhum the next time I order this.

I’m a big sucker for cheese and a little spice, so the spicy sisig with generous toppings of cheese really does the job.

Cheese & Chorizo Risotto Balls

The Cheese and Chorizo Risotto Balls were really delicious. It’s fried til perfectly tender and golden brown, with Risotto with chorizo, parmesan and provolone cheese center all packed inside those yummy treat.

sidebar el pueblo ortigas

Pulled Pork Slider

Their pulled pork sliders are made of slow-baked pork rump with house-made barbecue sauce. Packed in with carrot, cucumber and romaine slaw dressed with pommery mustard vinaigrette topped with fresh cilantro in crusty rolls. The thing I loved about their Pork Sliders is the house-made Barbecue sauce, because it makes the whole thing tastes so good. And that the house-made barbecue sauce makes it a signature dish and uniquely their own.

sidebar el pueblo ortigas

Say hello to our table

Shout-out to the awesome girls I shared the night with — Ay Lin of The Daily Posh and Nines of Nines vs. Food. We shared lots of stories, drunk stories especially piquing our interest in one another, lol!

Since this is a bar, it won’t be complete without a rundown of the thirst quenchers they’re serving. On to the drinks!

sidebar el pueblo ortigas

Mojito Punch

For their crushed ice cocktail, The Mojito Punch is a happy mix of double-shot gin, sour mix, orange juice, mint. And it is exactly because it tastes just like orange juice that you won’t be able to put down this drink. You can hardly taste the alcohol at all. Just like orange juice, and the ladies love this.

sidebar el pueblo ortigas

Lemon Drop

Their sidebartinis feature Lemon Drop, which is essentially vodka, triple sec and sour mix. This is the next level drink to the Mojito Punch, for thse who want the alcohol to slide on their taste buds a little.

Their Golden Rush, another featured Crushed Ice cocktail, which I was unable to take a solo photo of (but is seen in our table photo above, yes the one in the regular round glass), is a concoction of Jim beam, honey, and lemon. It’s too strong for me, and the girls and I seem to agree that it’s a drink for men. I would even say that it’s a Fathers’ drink. If you like Bourbon, you might like this because of its sweet taste, thanks to the lemon mix.

sidebar El pueblo ortigas

Oyster Shooters

Bringing the fun in the metro from bars in the west, Sidebar decided to offer Oyster Shooters, nine shots of three different drinks, all with Aklan-hailed fresh oysters sitting at the bottom of the shot glass. It comes in three flavors: the Bloody Mary (topmost), Sake (middle), and Lemon Drop (Bottom). The Lemon drop tasted like the Lemon Drop drink, only with oyster. It was my first time to taste Sake, and I didn’t find it bad. I didn’t get the chance to taste the Bloody Mary, though. Bottoms up!

As for the place, Sidebar is a good place to hang out, with cozy interiors with collector items and old bookshelves making you feel more at home. Their choice of music is also calming, perfect after a hard day at work, in the office or in the field.

sidebar el pueblo ortigas

The Bar

sidebar el pueblo ortigas

Sidebar’s Classy Interiors

sidebar el pueblo ortigassidebar el pueblo ortigas

















sidebar el pueblo ortigas

Will I come back: Yes. While it’s practically a bar, where you just really go to drink and eat a little (notice how they didn’t highlight meals, although they’d probably have some dinner items if you’re hungry), it’s a really promising place to chill. It’s quiet and calming, moreso with a drink in one hand. :) I only wish they’d open earlier and close later, as they’re open from 6AM to 1 pm on Fridays and 7 PM to 12 AM only on Saturdays. I also think that Sidebar might make a good place for exclusive events, get together and parties, because it’s such a home-y place, which would make your guests feel at home.

This post sounds really commercial and all-positive, but hey, I’m an easy girl to please. I loved the place, it wasn’t shabby, and hardly found anything to complain about the food. The food were all delicious, and the serving size was just right for me (who is currently trying her best to diet).

So if you’re ever in the area, check out Sidebar at El Pueblo, Ortigas and discover it for yourself. I really enjoyed hanging out there, and hope you would, too. -HANA

PS. Thanks to Wazzup Pilipinas for organizing this foodie event!

If you want to know more about Sidebar’s offerings, as I’m sure you would after seeing all the food and drinks from this post,

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