Quick Snack at Jipan, Glorietta 4

The malls were crawling with people on the first weekend of Iron Man 3, and we had to take refuge from the crowd by grabbing us seats and snacks at Jipan, Glorietta 4. It was a small shop with the counter and tables and chairs that can only seat a few positioned inside. The area outside provided more space for more customers, not to mention more room to breathe and move around. We chose a table near the shop, and were attended to quickly by their staff.

Jipan glorietta 4

Seafood Sandwich

Planning to munch on some NYFD Fries while watching Iron Man 3, I had to choose something light. The Seafood Sandwich was an obvious choice for a crabstick-lover like me. We had it halved since I couldn’t consume the whole sandwich. Even halved, it proved to be filling. I think this would taste better with mangoes though, kind of like California Maki ang peg. Or maybe, I should popularize a California Maki sandwich, yeah? :)

Jipan Glorietta 4

Banana Shake

I love bananas, and I haven’t tried Jipan’s Banana shake before, so I ordered one for myself, too. However, the banana taste in Jipan’s Banana shake was moderately subtle, and the milk overpowered the banana flavor of the drink. Disappointing because I love banana drinks, and this was, at best, a milk shake (without ice cream).

I’d love to include the prices of the dishes in this post, but Jipan’s Menu on Munch Punch isn’t updated with their current prices, but you can still check out their menu to check out what items might catch your attention.

I’ve always loved Jipan’s food, especially their ramen and melon pan. I’ll definitely come back to try out their other dishes and pastries. -HANA

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