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PDI Job Market Online Presents Job Market Career Expo 2013

Philippine Daily Inquirer and Job Market Online presents Job Market Career Expo 2013

The Philippine Daily Inquirer and Job Market Online organizes a Job Fair for jobseekers last April 17-18, 2013, titled Jom Market Career Expo 2013, held at Glorietta Activity Center, Makati. The event was co-presented byInquirer Libre and DZIQ 990AM Radyo Inquirer.

job market career expo 2013

Hundreds of jobseekers flocked to the Job Market Career Expo 2013 armed with their resume in hopes of landing a job...

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Eureka Moment: New Tanduay Rhum Dark Mix Discovered

tanduay rhum mix

My New Tanduay Rhum Mix, haha!

Last week, I found this bottle of Tanduay Rhum Dark in my ref. There wasn’t any other drink around, so I grabbed the bottle and tried the drink for myself. And it tasted horrible as it is! Okay, please don’t judge, haha. I hardly drink, so I didn’t know that the taste would be too strong for my liking. I tried it with coke, which is the usual mix (Tanduay Rhum + Cola = Rhum Cola) and it tasted better.

Later on, I ran out of cola in my fridge, but hey, the party sho...

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Foodie Budget Under 200: Uncle Moe’s Shawarma Hub, Pasig City

shawarma place pasig

Uncle Moe’s Shawarma Hub, Pasig

I’ve been wanting to try out new and uncharted places in and around Pasig, and have been craving for shawarma for a while now. It was lucky that Uncle Moe’s Shawarma Hub came up in my search for inexpensive places to try, and is conveniently accesible via public transportation, and a little effort walking.

Map Uncle moe's shawarma pasig

Uncle Moe’s Shawarma Hub, right across Ace Water Spa, Pasig

We ordered our usual favorites, Kofta Balls with Pita Bread, Keema with Buttered Rice, and Extra Bee...

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Lucido-L Hair Supplement Now in the Philippines

Lucido-L Hair Supplement review

Models for Lucido-L at SM Department Store, SM Makati

Lucido-L, hailed as one of the top hair supplements in Japan and Korea, has now hit the Philippine market. Lucido-L aims to provide a solution to unmanageable and unruly hair caused by dryness and the harsh effects of hair treatments.

Lucido-L hair supplement

Mr. Hirotsugu Ohashi, General Manager of Mandom Philippines Corp.

According to Mr Hirotsugu Ohashi, the General Manager for Mandom Philippines’ Corporation, Lucido-L works by restoring the moisture into the hair...

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