Officially Signing off the Internet on May 6 closing

Earlier today, April 26, 2013, sent notice to its Multiply merchants that they will be closing — for good. The notice says that all normal site operations will continue until May 6, 2013, and all business operations will be discontinued by May 31, 2013.

The news is met with surprise and frustration, following the previous notice from in the later part of year 2012 that they will be ceasing maintenance of the social media portion of, forcing non-shoppers out of the social media platform. planned to make the website exclusively as a platform for online shopping, and decided to let go of its social media operations. It is rather unfortunate that now, many merchants would also have to say goodbye to what used to be a very efficient mode of selling online: the Multiply Marketplace.

I’ll definitely miss the Multiply flash deals and discounts that they offer. I got my makeup brushes and other makeup products from Multiply at a discounted price because of one of their discounts. Time to look for a new online shopping haven. -HANA

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