Lucido-L Hair Supplement Now in the Philippines

Lucido-L Hair Supplement review

Models for Lucido-L at SM Department Store, SM Makati

Lucido-L, hailed as one of the top hair supplements in Japan and Korea, has now hit the Philippine market. Lucido-L aims to provide a solution to unmanageable and unruly hair caused by dryness and the harsh effects of hair treatments.

Lucido-L hair supplement

Mr. Hirotsugu Ohashi, General Manager of Mandom Philippines Corp.

According to Mr Hirotsugu Ohashi, the General Manager for Mandom Philippines’ Corporation, Lucido-L works by restoring the moisture into the hair. The lack of moisture in our hair is also the cause for split ends. What exactly makes Lucido-L the effective product is the Cell Membrane Complex, or CMC that is incorporated into the product. CMC is an essential part of our hair’s cuticles. The loss of CMC results in less water-retaining ability of the hair.

lucido-l hair supplement

lucido-L hair supplement

 Lucido-L offers two new products for all those with tresses woes: the Lucido-L Hair Treatment Oil, and the Lucido-L Hairstyling Milk.

Lucido-L review

Lucido-L Hair Treatment Oil and Lucido-L Hairstyling Milk

Lucido-L introduces the Lucido-L Hair Treatment Oil recommended for permed hair, retaining a soft, bouncy look; while  Lucido-L Hair styling Milk  is for girls with straight hair who want pretty, tamed hair all day long. Lucido-L Hair Treatment Oil repairs dry and damage hair during sleep, making hair soft, smooth, with CMC-like ingredients filling up the gaps caused by damage. On the other hand, the Lucido-L Hair Styling Milk is powered by high penetrating Hyaluronic Acid that coats hair strands, keeping it soft, tangle-free. Lucido-L products has light, fruity-floral fragrance.

Lucido-L Watsons branch

Lucido-L products are now available at all Watsons’ outlets nationwide.

Will be testing both of the Lucido-L products soon! Hopefully a review next :) -HANA

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