Join 7-Eleven’s 7-Election and Let Your Voice Be Heard!

7-Election Philippines

Grab a Gulp Cup and Cast a Vote in the 7-Eleven’s 7-Election!

Want your voice heard in the upcoming May 2013 Elections? Well, other than actually voting on the day of the elections, you may also participate and cast a vote in the 7-Eleven’s 7-Election Promo! 7-Eleven US has been doing this since year 2000, with the 7-Election results highly predictive of the results of the actual election. In 2010, 7-Eleven Philippines started adopting the promo, and 7-Election results predicted that Aquino outcupping every other candidate. The rest, as they say, is history.

Two ways to vote! One, via 7-Eleven branches. Go to your nearest 7-Eleven branch and grab a Gulp cup of your choice of partylist/coalition. There are three cups to choose from: The Team PNoy, Team UNA, and the All-in-one cup with the rest of the Parties gunning for victory is included. After which, go grab a drink! Then proceed to the counter, where the clerk will be scanning the bar code located on the side of the cup. This will ensure that the votes are tallied accurately. For the All-in-One cup, the clerk will be asking which party you’re supporting prior to bar code scanning.

Your second voting option: Cast your vote online. No purchase necessary. Just go to the 7-Election Website and register. Register with your Facebook or Twitter acccount.

7-Election Philippines 2013

Register with your Facebook or Twitter Account

Online 7-Election Ballot

Cast your votes by choosing your senatorial bets on the online ballot. Click SUBMIT once done.

7-Election Philippines 2013

7-Election Latest Results

Check out who’s hot and who’s not after submitting your vote. The latest tally results are also displayed in every 7-Eleven branch through their scoreboards, located at the counter.

Remember that it’s very important to choose your bets wisely. Go research, watch interviews and debates they’ve been on,  andlearn about their stand and opinion in critical issues and concerns that may affect the nation. While the 7-Eleven’s 7-Election gives us an idea on who people think are worth voting, it is up to us to look into the WHY. It is our responsibility as Filipinos to discern properly in the upcoming May 2013 Elections for the betterment of our government, and ultimately, our country. -HANA

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