Eureka Moment: New Tanduay Rhum Dark Mix Discovered

tanduay rhum mix

My New Tanduay Rhum Mix, haha!

Last week, I found this bottle of Tanduay Rhum Dark in my ref. There wasn’t any other drink around, so I grabbed the bottle and tried the drink for myself. And it tasted horrible as it is! Okay, please don’t judge, haha. I hardly drink, so I didn’t know that the taste would be too strong for my liking. I tried it with coke, which is the usual mix (Tanduay Rhum + Cola = Rhum Cola) and it tasted better.

Later on, I ran out of cola in my fridge, but hey, the party shouldn’t stop just because there isn’t any more cola. So I grabbed two packs of Chuckie Chocolate Drink, and made a mix with the Tanduay Rhum. At 25% Rhum and 75% Chuckie, it tasted just like a chocolate drink, which tastes good, but you’ll be drunk before you know it because it tastes too good. At 50/50 it tastes okay, and will let you taste the rhum better.

Just wanted to share this because the mix was unimaginable, but when we tried it, it tasted awesome! Out stomachs took it well, too, contrary to popular belief that we’d be hurling this mix out in no time.

You might have some mix suggestions you’d like to share! Hit the comment button below and share it with me! –HANA

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