Update: NBI E-Clearance Step 3 and 4

NBI E-Clearance Philippines

NBI Clearance Receipt

Update on my NBI E-clearance Application: Last March 5, I went to Rob Galleria, the branch of my choosing at the time most convenient for me. (I chose 10 AM so that the lines would be shorter. I think I arrived there at 10:20AM) With my QR Code Printout in hand, a valid ID and the cellphone I used to make my GCASH payment, I headed straight to the queue in Step 3, with only four people ahead of me.

When it was my turn, the girl behind the counter prompted me to do the fingerprinting on the sensored biometric thing (sorry, I am unfamiliar as to what it is called.) You basically do it yourself. And you have to press hard so that your fingerprints would register clearly. Immediately after that, your photo is taken with a webcamera, so that it goes straight to your file. They gave me a receipt when I finished, because I didn’t have a paper receipt since I paid via Gcash.

Just when I thought I can claim my NBI Clearance on the same day, I turned the receipt and found that it was stamped “March 12, 2013”, which means I have to return on March 12 to claim it. Another girl in line was having a dilemma since she needed hers on the same day for work. She said that she won’t be able to start training if she doesn’t submit her NBI Clearance on time. I told her that while she can just show them the receipt which prompts her to come back a week after, she can try and ask if there’s a faster way to claim it. I told her about a blog post I read wherein the blogger had to pay 500php to claim his NBI Clearance on the same day. Since the girl I was talking with badly needed it within the week, she went back to the counter and asked if there was a way to get her NBI Clearance on the same day, even if she had to pay. Unfortunately, she was told that there was “No Rush Processing”, and she had no choice but to return the week after.

The whole Step 3 would take about ten to twenty minutes at most. Bypassing Step 1 and 2 proved to be very efficient, so I would highly recommend to those who need an NBI Clearance to apply for an NBI E-Clearance Online. –Hana

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