Review : Hard Candy Welcome Matte Pressed Powder

Hard Candy Welcome Matte Powder

Hard Candy Cosmetics is making its way in the local market through very few online shops that offer them via Multiply. When I first saw the brand, I decided to look it up and found that quite a number of people were impressed with Hard Candy Cosmetics. I decided to try it out for myself and bought the Hard Candy Welcome Matte Pressed Powder from Ebay for around $12.

The package came after a month, as most shipments do when they hail from US. Packaging was very neat, secured with bubble wrap. The pressed powder came with a mirror and a heart-shaped sponge (which doesn’t help at all, so don’t use it) found under the layer that held the pan of powder.

While every pressed powder needs an applicator (such as a brush or sponge) and Hard Candy did provide that in this, the sponge hardly absorbed any powder. It was very porous and cheap. This means that if ever you decide to bring this pressed powder in your bag, you have to have a separate sponge or brush in hand, which isn’t much of a hassle, but isn’t very convenient either.

Hard Candy Welcome Matte Powder

The Hard Candy Welcome Matte Pressed Powder itself was okay. It has its share of good and bad. Good, because as its name suggests, it helps keep you matte for some hours. For me, four hours tops. It feels very light on the skin, as if you’re not wearing it.

Bad, is that it only keeps me matte for 4 hours max. My face becomes oily easily, so this alone would not help keep my oilies at bay. Also, the coverage is very light, and for someone like me who has some noticeable acne scars still left, this won’t suit me at all.

I would recommend this to those who has Dry-Normal Type Skin with little to no facial imperfections and acne scars. It can also be worn on top of your powder of choice to help control oiliness, but if you have one product that has good coverage and good oil control, I don’t see the need to purchase this product.

Rating : 2/5

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