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Photo and Prints c/o Photoman

Photobooths have become mainstream in parties and events. In fact, it’s the more popular choice for a souvenir. Now, why not? It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. You have something to document their attendance, and of course, your guests would want a copy of the photo. The guests goes home with a photo, which also is your souvenir. It’s practical and affordable, with the saturated photobooth market, most of these photobooth services offer their services for cheap through a multitude of deal sites.

Probably four out of five parties, weddings, and events I’ve gone to in the past two years have a photobooth decked in one corner of the event area. And it is because of that that I’ve grown a collection of photobooth photos. While it’s fun and very engaging for the guests, I can say that I have gotten quite tired of it.

It was during the Adobo Design Awards 2013’s Media Launch that I discovered Photoman. They’re a group of photographers moving around the event area, armed with their bulky cameras, asking guests if they would like their photos taken. I dismissed them as official photographers for the event. So it surprised me when one of the photographers handed me a print of the photo that he shot. And the idea that a roaming “photobooth” really appealed to me.

photography services photoman manila

I think what I really loved about Photoman is that they’re much more flexible than a photobooth. They’re able to roam around the event area, take photos of events as they happen, and every one get’s their photo taken. Photobooths take too much of the guests’ time falling in line for their photos and actually having their photos taken. Plus, the photobooth is limited to shooting in one corner only, with limited space. When there are group photos, or unexpected happenings in the event floor, you can’t carry the photobooth around to take a photo of that.

So now I’m completely inclined to opt for Photoman, instead of a photobooth, in my future events. I hope you guys would check out Photoman’s website to see what they have to offer.

PS: You’d be surprised to know that this isn’t a sponsored post. I just really loved the idea, even if it’s not very new. –Hana

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