Philippine Daily Inquirer Launches Two New Bookmark-worthy Websites

Since graduating after college, I’ve been using the vast network of the world wide web in searching for potential employers and career options. Which makes me wonder, really, how some people can go job hunting without utilizing the internet?

Job search philippines

Job Market Online by PDI

Enter Job Market Online, the newest job portal website by the Philippine Daily Inquirer, which connects employers to jobseekers from all over the Philippines. Offering only the freshest resumes to help employers in their search for their superstar. Job Market Online aims to make bridging employers to job seekers a breeze by providing a user-friendly website, allowing access to certain employers’ website from the homepage.

With more job hunters hitting the internet for job postings over printed job listings, employers should definitely give this a go. Employers can post their job listings for free for 7 days. For employers who would like to continue using the service after the trial period has ended, for a minimal fee, they get to post 200, 300, or 500 job listings. And for job hunters, the services are free.

Noteworthy features of this website are the Inquirer Feed section and the Latest Blogs section, both which allows jobseekers to remain updated with current events and learn more about good job hunting ethics and practices.

Groupon Philippines

Pinoy Best Deals, the Newest Deal Site in Town

Coming into the deal site scene is Pinoy Best Deals, an online classifieds plus groupbuying website rolled into one. It has a good feedback system for those wary of being scammed (and I tell you, there are lots of bad people preying on innocent buyers online). It’s pretty neat and well-managed by a group of website administrators making sure that if a deal is too shady or sounds too good to be true, it’s automatically deleted to protect the buyers. And as with Job Market Online, PDI also incorporated a News Feed for those looking through the classified listings, for their entertainment and information.

The internet in the Information Age that we are currently in allows us faster access to information and receive real-time updates from around the world. Social media and the world wide web, things that were once imaginable to us, have become part of our everyday lives. However, a lot of the things that we are capable of doing online still has not made its way to our other fellow Filipinos, such as those unemployed who have Facebook accounts, but does not have a single account with any of the job portals online, or businesses which simply rely on word of mouth to market their services. It is up to us to inform other people the potential power of the information we can access through the internet. -HANA

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