Learn How to Make Headphones Out of Plastic Bottles with the Sony Science Workshop

Sony Science Workshop

Sony Science Workshop Participants at the Mind Museum

Last Thursday, March 21, 2013, bloggers were invited by SONY to their Sony Science Workshop titled, “How Headphones Work” with student participants from a local highschool in Taguig. Students from a beneficiary school chosen by SONY get to learn how to make headphones out of recycled materials such as plastic bottles and carton boxes, and take home a certificate of completion afterwards. SONY wishes to foster creativity and curiosity to the young by showing them the magic of science.

recycled material headphones

The student participants learned how to make headphones by using the materials in the photo above. The materials were provided in kits to the student participants for free.

More than just teaching the students how to make the headphones, the SONY Science Workshop wishes to make students appreciate the science behind it

how to make headphones out of plastic bottles

Hands on in making their very own first headphones out of recycled materials

It is an amazing corporate social responsibility activity by SONY Philippines. Kudos and I pray that more companies would provide more opportunities such as this, in order to foster the minds of our youth. –HANA

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