Weekend Makeup Brush Cleaning Feat. Charm Pro Makeup Brushes and J&C Brush Cleanser

Charm Pro 21 pc Makeup Brush

I would have wanted to do an unboxing of this baby, of my first set of Professional Makeup Brushes, but the rush of makeup school has completely made me ditch the box and jump into using them. I bought this set from Beauty and Minerals @ Multiply. It was a close fight between buying Charm Brushes vs the Suesh ones, but I went for the Charm brushes instead, because I loved how soft their Retractable Kabuki Brush is (I even gave it as a gift to my mom, and another to my best friend). This was priced at 3,500php, with twenty percent discount, which allowed me to snag it at 2,800php! Steal, yes? You can still avail of Multiply’s PH-TWENTYOFF discount until February 28, 2013.

makeup brushes philippines

Anyhoo, I love that it was packaged in a box, compelte with instructions on how to take care of the brushes and how to wash them. The only thing I’m not loving about the brushes is that I frequently have bristles falling off, and onto the client’s face. It’s rather unfortunate, but I cannot deny the fact that it wins in all other categories.

best pro makeup brushes philippines

Not to mention the fact that the leather case can be used as a tool belt. See the buckle in the photo above? You can snap the belt around your waist, allowing the leather case to be transformed into a makeup brush toolbelt, which would cost 900php when bought separately.

makeup brush cleanser philippines

And I bought the J&C Super Clean Solutions Brush Cleanser together with the Brush Set. It’s priced at 450php, and is conveniently packaged in a spray bottle. I love the J&C Brush Cleanser because of its smell. It doesn’t have that strong alcohol smell that most people don’t like. I use this before and after every makeup session/class by spraying the solution onto the bristles of the brushes, and wiping the bristles on the surface of a towel to aid in removing the powder on the bristles.

brush cleaning how to clean makeup brushes

I just thought I’d take extra measures every weekend to ensure that my brushes are really clean and free from eyeshadow pigments and whatnot, from all the use and abuse it’s getting for the first week of class. So I decided to try and clean it in another way: by putting a small amount of solution on a small plastic container or jar, then soaking the brushes, or swirling the brush bristles in the solution. But by doing this, you use more of the cleanser solution, so it would not last as long as compared to cleaning it by spraying.

Makeup Brushes Cleaning how to clean

Despite all the cleaning I’ve been doing, there were still some eyeshadow left in between those tight bristles. Just goes to show how powerfully the brushes can pickup the eyeshadow, haha!

After swirling the brushes in the solution, I leave it soaked for 5-10 mins. Then I remove them in a solution and place them in a stand to dry.

Remember to always keep your brushes clean. Clean them after every use so that you won’t risk causing an infection to your clients or to yourself with dirty makeup brushes! Even if it’s only for personal use, make it a point to clean them after every use.

How about you? What brand of brush cleanser are you using for your brush sets? :) – Hana

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