Hello! Welcome to my new home on the internet. I’ve been in and out of hiatus (than blogging) too frequently, and there have been a lot of changes in my life recently. And I’ve been planning this move for the longest time, so with the help of my most awesome boyfriend (naks!) I now have this spanking new blog with the theme I fell in love with! Hurrah! So I shall make it my 2013’s resolution to blog more often!

How do you like my new blog? Leave me some comments below :)

2 comments to W E L C O M E

  • Raellarina  says:

    hello! good luck to your blog’s new home :) anyway, since this is your new home, you might wanna join my giveaway :)) i hope you can check it out and join if you haven’t yet :)

    Rae :”>

    • dollhana  says:

      Hi Rae! Thanks for dropping by. I joined your giveaway, btw :) Let’s be blog friends, yes?

      See you around :D

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