Review: Unbranded Eyeshadow Palette


If there’s one good thing that makeup school has taught me, it is this: to carefully scrutinize the quality of makeup we spend our money on. Yes, I’m a real sucker for cheap stuff, so I used to be the kind who’d buy stuff simply because they’re cheap. But not anymore.

Shown in the picture above is my year-old eyeshadow palette I bought from eBay. Ebay has a lot of these palettes, and I bought them for a little over 500pesos. This came from China or Hong Kong, and was packed properly (bubble wrapped). It was my first eyeshadow palette ever, one with 96 eyeshadow shades, a mix of matte and shimmery eyeshadows. I loved it. I appreciated it even more when used with water (wet technique). I created a number of looks with it before venturing into makeup school. And when makeup school happened, I realized that this palette was more of a liability than an asset to my career as a MUA.

unbranded makeup palette china

You should be able to see from the photo above the particles of powder on my fingers. It was chalky, and it had a lot of fallout. This initially wasn’t an issue when I was doing my own makeup with it, but doing a client’s makeup was a completely different story. Attempting the smoky eyes, or any eyeshadow application in particular, on the upper lid always resulted to fallout on the lower lid as well, when I’ve already gone through tedious efforts of perfecting the highlight on the undereye area. It would mess the makeup, and have me clean up twice. And when you’re working under pressure, either time or the client’s patience, you have to work quick and efficiently. This was inefficient.

china generic makeup palette eyeshadow

As you can see from the photo, there’s chalk and powder all over the palette. Pigmented as they are on their pots, or on swatches, their color on the lids is not as you’d like them to be. Even with a primer, staying power is so so, and doesn’t appear to be as bright as they are. When you’re using wet technique, it only means that the powder needs water to be able to hold on to the lid. And that’s just a sad thing, isn’t it?

Not to mention, I lost one pan because the adhesive under the pan was poor. I used to not mind these things. But then again, being thrifty doesn’t always mean buying cheap things. I realized that in order to save money, you cannot skimp on quality. Buy quality items, even if they’re thousand pesos more expensive, if it means it gets the job done, and you don’t need as much time, effort, and amount of product to do it. Invest in quality and durability, so that you don’t keep buying more crappy palettes that would only frustrate you to no end.

Now a lot of online shops have been offering the same palettes with their own branding. Some even pass it off as a MAC eyeshadow palette (MAC doesn’t have one, those are fake). Just because it has a brand doesn’t mean they were the ones who formulated the product, and that it would have a better quality than this one I had. So be careful in buying cheap eyeshadow palettes online.

This was a bad buy, and now I’m in need of a new palette for next week’s class. Any suggestions? :) – H A N A

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