First Day of Makeup School

Makeup School Philippines

Snapshot Mid Session – Intensive HD Beauty and Fashion Makeup Course

I have finally found the courage to leave the job that was keeping me unhappy and pursue my dreams! Currently post Day 1 of HD Beauty and Fashion Makeup Course at HD Makeup Academy. And well, what can I tell you. I guess it was a long day, really unexpected to be learning and doing that much on the first day of class. They tried to pack everything in in two weeks of classes, which is great and all, but I really didn’t expect to be staying there until 7 PM on the first day of class, when I was told that class is until only 3 pm. I was busy doing the makeup of my model (Jhoan, age 16) thew whole afternoon, and it was only much later that I realized my mom has been freaking out because I wasn’t answering my phone and promised to be home at around 5 PM (You know how parents are. You don’t answer your phone the first three times they call, and they think you’re bound and gagged somewhere remote. Imagine what 26 unanswered calls do to their imagination).

Overall, it was a fun day! I’ve spent half of my savings already on makeup school, but it’s okay! I’m tired, and really lutang from all the money that I spent today, but just knowing that I’m on the path I want to take makes me really happy to be here, regardless if I’m thousands of pesos poorer. :)

I’ll be sharing with you some tips and tricks I learned during class, and more photos soon! – Hana

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