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For my boyfriend’s birthday, I chose to get him cupcakes instead of a cake. Well, I have a fondness for cupcakes. I like that they’re small, and that I can finish three without feeling guilty, as compared to eating a slice of cake. I love that they’re cheaper than having a cake customized, and that it’s easy to share with other people. It’s easy to eat, and they’re really cute. Okay, I’m obsessed with cupcakes :))

I initially wanted to have the cupcakes customized by Ayeth of Legally Sweet Cupcakes (who did the cupcakes for my bestfriend’s bridal shower, which I wrote about HERE). It was rather bad timing that she’s busy with something else and could not accommodate my order. I had to find another supplier.

Yet again, I emailed dozens of bakers, looking for someone who can customize the cupcakes the way I want them, at the price I agree with. And I’m so lucky I found one. It was Ylen from Cupcakes and Beyond who baked my cupcakes to perfection, just in time for my boyfriend’s birthday. :) It was priced at 600php / dozen, which was reasonably priced, considering the hard work put into customizing the cupcakes to the desired design. I was rather particular with the stoic-panda face design, too!

customize design cupcakes

The only thing I had a hard time with was picking up the cupcakes. I had to pick it up at McKinley Hills, Bonifacio Global City (I think I was trying to save delivery fee, that’s why I chose to pick it up, or they didn’t offer delivery). I’ve never been there, and I had very little idea on how to get there. But other than that, everything’s good! I loved how she designed the cupcakes just as I asked her to.

Again, for customized design cakes and cupcakes, I would recommend Cupcakes and Beyond by Ylen. Check out her Facebook page for photos of the awesome cupcakes she’s baked and designed before.

I have no idea how to start explaining why the design of the cupcakes was the way it was. It started with the Panda Cheese commercial which was really epic advertising. It became something my boyfriend and I enjoyed watching over and over again. So I want to share with you these really cute series of commercial, which you’ll find adorable (and funny) just as we did. Enjoy! – Hana


Never say NO to Panda!

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  • Amie Batac  says:

    Hi Please send me quotations for gradautaion’s customize cupcakes 100-150 pcs. Thanks

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