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Review: Beauty PRO Cosmetics Crazy Colors Palette

Beauty Pro Cosmetics Palette

Good eyeshadow palettes are hard to come by. You want great pigmentation, little to no fallout, and awesome durability, the kind that will stay on the model’s lids for hours. While the primer is there to help keep your eyeshadow in place, a good eyeshadow seals the deal.

So I’ve been on the lookout for a good palette for my graduation shoot, and I found this from reading tons of local reviews online. Beauty Pro Cosmetics Crazy Colors Palette from Digital Traincase...

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Applying for NBI Clearance & Renewal

NBI Clearance Requirements

I’ll be getting my NBI Clearance this week, and had no idea where to have my previous clearance renewed. So I researched, and wanted to share this information with you. The NBI would be implementing a new system of applying for clearance employing the use of a Biometric system, wherein there would be no more need to press the applicant’s fingers on inked stamp pads and for the fingerprints.

For applications, here are the following requirements:

The requirements are two (2) valid Identification ...

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Customized Cupcakes by Cupcakes and Beyond

customized cupcakes philippines

For my boyfriend’s birthday, I chose to get him cupcakes instead of a cake. Well, I have a fondness for cupcakes. I like that they’re small, and that I can finish three without feeling guilty, as compared to eating a slice of cake. I love that they’re cheaper than having a cake customized, and that it’s easy to share with other people. It’s easy to eat, and they’re really cute. Okay, I’m obsessed with cupcakes :))

I initially wanted to have the cupcakes customized by Ayeth of Legally Sweet Cupc...

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Weekend Makeup Brush Cleaning Feat. Charm Pro Makeup Brushes and J&C Brush Cleanser

Charm Pro 21 pc Makeup Brush

I would have wanted to do an unboxing of this baby, of my first set of Professional Makeup Brushes, but the rush of makeup school has completely made me ditch the box and jump into using them. I bought this set from Beauty and Minerals @ Multiply. It was a close fight between buying Charm Brushes vs the Suesh ones, but I went for the Charm brushes instead, because I loved how soft their Retractable Kabuki Brush is (I even gave it as a gift to my mom, and another to my best friend)...

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Best Natural False Eyelashes in Manila

false eyelashes manila philippines natural

I wanted to share this with you guys, which I haven’t yet since learning of this some three years ago. Most of the falsies or false eyelashes I buy from Divisoria looks very cheap and plastic-like. It’s also very difficult to apply, and the glue that comes with it.. well, I haven’t tried using it because I highly doubt the quality.

During a shoot, the MUA used this specific type of lashes (photo above), which I loved because it was very natural...

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Review: Unbranded Eyeshadow Palette

If there’s one good thing that makeup school has taught me, it is this: to carefully scrutinize the quality of makeup we spend our money on. Yes, I’m a real sucker for cheap stuff, so I used to be the kind who’d buy stuff simply because they’re cheap. But not anymore.

Shown in the picture above is my year-old eyeshadow palette I bought from eBay. Ebay has a lot of these palettes, and I bought them for a little over 500pesos...

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Makeup School Day 2

Makeup Box

Say hello to my mini makeup box and thousands worth of high end cosmetics

Makeup school has made me feel so unworthy of blogging about makeup :)) Not only that, but it made me remember the horror that was UP. If you’re from UP, you’d know how difficult it was to get through the professors, the classes, and achieve the high standards that they are known for. Excellence is what it’s called. And now, with makeup,  with something I thought I had some above average knowledge...

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First Day of Makeup School

Makeup School Philippines

Snapshot Mid Session – Intensive HD Beauty and Fashion Makeup Course

I have finally found the courage to leave the job that was keeping me unhappy and pursue my dreams! Currently post Day 1 of HD Beauty and Fashion Makeup Course at HD Makeup Academy. And well, what can I tell you. I guess it was a long day, really unexpected to be learning and doing that much on the first day of class...

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Hello! Welcome to my new home on the internet. I’ve been in and out of hiatus (than blogging) too frequently, and there have been a lot of changes in my life recently. And I’ve been planning this move for the longest time, so with the help of my most awesome boyfriend (naks!) I now have this spanking new blog with the theme I fell in love with! Hurrah! So I shall make it my 2013’s resolution to blog more often!

How do you like my new blog? Leave me some comments below :)

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