Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe’s NEW Menu: Must Try’s and More

I finally got to try Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe’s New Menu Offerings after being invited over by HK Cafe’s gracious staff last Saturday. We were ecstatic because we have been craving for HK Cafe’s flavors for some time now, but we didn’t have the time to drop by recently (work and everything else got in the way). For those of you guys who are new to Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe at SM Mall of Asia, or for those who’ve already had a taste of the asian flavors their food offered, then read on to know more about which dishes and offerings you must try next.

We’re no newbie to Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe. I even made a review of our first time there, and even noted that I’ll definitely come back and try out the other dishes. But here’s another review of everything, with highlights on the new dishes they’re serving up.

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe’s NEW Menu: Overwhelming

Like before, Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe still overwhelms. From their menu, with hundreds of dishes to choose from, to their incredible serving. I actually wanted to take photos of the photos in the menu (photoception!) and compare it with the actual serving, but didn’t have any more time to stitch everything up together. Just take my word for it when I say you’re not going to be disappointed with the serving, compared to how fastfoods play with their foods’ photos and supersize everything, and when you finally get your hands on your order, it looks like a portion of what you thought you had ordered. In HK Cafe, what you see is what you get, and more.

Coffee float

For the coffee-lovers (like me and le boyfriend over here), the Coffee Float was definitely our first choice for the drinks. You can’t go wrong with anything that has coffee and ice cream on it.

Yuzu Tea

Ordering the coffee float is pretty safe for those who don’t know what to order, but if you wanna play it up and try something different, the Yuzu Tea is something you should try. It comes in a glass pitcher, and you can actually enjoy drinking from there with a long straw. Initially, we didn’t know if I was supposed to drink from it because it looks so awkward drinking from a big glass, so I requested for two glasses. And it tasted great. I think it was some five minutes that I couldn’t stop mumbling about how good this drink is.

The Yuzu Tea is like a refreshing drink during a hot summer day. Btw, I’m not really sure as to what Yuzu is, but the Yuzu tea tasted citrus-y, and was deliciously sweet. I’m not really a fan of ice cold drinks, so I tend to remove the ice from the drinks, but I realized the Yuzu tea was perfect with ice since it tones down the sweetness of the drink. I also noticed that it had a zest-y aftertaste, which I prefer to describe as perfume-y. (Sorry for all this made-up words! I just relate better with these.) It wasn’t bad, but it disappeared when I replaced the ice back in the drink.

Deep Fried Mango ‘N Prawn Roll

Next served was the Deep Fried Mango ‘N Prawn Roll for appetizers, which is a very unusual combination. It’s a given that it would be a bit oily, but it tasted okay. Between the two, the sweetness of the mango overpowered the taste of the prawn.

More food!

Main dishes were served in fifteen minutes. We didn’t notice, though, because we were occupied with the drinks and the appetizer.

‘YMT’ Special Sauce Chicken Rice

This dish was named after Yau Ma Tei (or YMT for short), which is an area in one of the Southern districts of Hong Kong. It consisted of a generous serving of Chicken and Hainanese rice, with egg on top, and with a spicy sauce on the side.

The combination of the sauce-laden chicken and the rice was perfect. The rice was big, I was only able to finish half.

Stir-fried Minced Kai Lan with Silver Fish

The Stir Fried Minced Kai-Lan consisted of Kai-Lan, also known as chinese broccoli, and silver fish, or what looks like dilis. I wasn’t a big fan of this side dish. First, because it was mainly vegetable, and the kai-lan was overwhelmingly salty to me. I don’t think it was the way it was cooked, but simply because the kai-lan is salty. Le boyfriend was okay with it, and said that while it was not as bad as I made it seem, it had nothing special to offer. He also says that for those who wants a vegetable sidedish, this is for you. It was simply a vegetable sidedish.

Signature Stir Fried Noodles

Their Signature Stir Fried Noodles was also something my boyfriend and I couldn’t agree on. He said that it tasted overcooked, which he didn’t like. The noodles were too soft for him, and they were slightly lacking in sauce, he says. As for me, I actually liked this a lot, even if the noodles were soft, and even if it wasn’t as saucy as I wanted it to be. I wasn’t able to finish this dish though, because I was too full, and was leaving room for dessert. XD

Sambal Seafood with Egg ‘N Steamed Rice

The Sambal Seafood with Egg ‘N Steamed Rice was another favorite. The flavor of the sauce in which the seafood was cooked was perfectly spicy. And the serving was also very big: it was served in this really big plate. I also remember commenting how soft the meat was and how I loved that they threw in crabsticks as well. I don’t think that this would be one of your default orders when you read the menu simply because there is no photo of it on the menu, and it doesn’t have a description of what is in it and how it tastes. I hope you’d order this one the next time you visit Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe.

Sambal Seafood with Egg ‘N Steamed Rice

At this point, we were already so full. Again with the unbuttoning of the pants to accommodate my stomach filled with great food. But we’re far from done yet, because I always make room for desserts.

Milk Tea Pudding

The first time my eyes had scanned the desserts list and saw this, I knew I had to order this one. I was getting giddy about this, even before the appetizers were even served. Pudding and Milk Tea, two of my favorite things in one dessert. And I was not disappointed. It wasn’t as sweet as I would normally like, but I really liked how it was soft and flavorful.

The Coconut Cream with Sago was another winner on our list. While this one’s not a new offering, we still decided to try this out simply because we’ve not had any warm desserts from HK cafe in the past. We loved that it was served in a coconut, and that the coconut cream was warmed by the hot sago. It can be likened to Ginataang Halo Halo.

A peek of Coconut Cream with Sago

Coconut Cream Dessert
Warm Dessert: Coconut cream with Sago

Service was fast, and the staff were always ready to accommodate our inquiries, especially since we weren’t familiar to many of the food offerings, and how they tasted.

They have also decorated the place to match the season. Like before, everything was kept tidy and looking pristine.

By the time we left, the place was packed. We had to stay a little while longer because we couldn’t stand up from all the food we ordered. We even got to take home the two side dishes.

What I liked most about Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe is that they always have something new to offer. They’re not afraid to experiment with flavors, even if it means mixing up unusual combinations of ingredients. This is why they have a handful of dishes that are uniquely theirs, which you surely won’t see in other restaurants and cafes. Visit Xin Wang Cafe for lunch or dinner, or even if you’re just craving for something in the afternoon. The food is not cheap, but with the taste and the big serving, it’s affordable and is value for money. And with the number of dishes they offer, it will definitely keep you coming back until you get to try all of them at least once. –ED

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