Phantom of the Opera in Manila

Hello, world!

This is me, taking a break from my blogging break. Truth be told, I temporarily lost my drive to blog, since a) more people I know IRL kept stumbling on my page (I’m kind of a paranoid kid, I don’t like being monitored), and b) I was recently in a slump. I was too depressed to be productive for some time, only indulging myself in the latest episodes of TV and anime series I follow, and started playing a new online game. Yeah, online game = definitely the best way to kill my productivity. But anyway, I realized that I should blog more often. When I decided to log in again today and backread my last posts, I realized that blogging helps in more ways than one :)) It reminded me of all the fun things I’ve been through, despite the un-fun things I’m going through right now.

I’ve been snapping more photos with my Iphone, hence more stuff to write about! I realized the immense number of backlogs I have to write when I looked through my phone’s album :)) hope you’d find the time to read some of them.

When we first heard about The Phantom of the Opera coming to Manila, my friend Ate Manessa and I decided that WE HAD TO SEE THE PERFORMANCE. We knew people would flock to the theater, but decided we’re going anyway. We got our tickets two months in advance, chose the cheapest pair and the best seats our little money can buy, and we were set.

I remember we almost arrived late, as we rushed through flights of stairs to get to our seats. The sound of the bell ringing, signaling that the performance was about to start gave us a scare, and we were running in our stilettos, panting, rushing, to get to that door before they decide to shut us out of our most awaited show.

And when the show started, and the theme blared from the speakers, oh, the goosebumps I had. The set was stunning, the transitions, flawless. While the voice of the actress who played Christine Daae was a little intense for such a sweet girl, I still loved how she played her character well. We were seated very far from the stage, so after the break, we decided to buy ourselves this:

I’m glad we decided to watch. It was an amazing experience, and I definitely would recommend everyone to watch at least one musical play or theater performance once a year. I think that the best thing I got from this experience was a greater appreciation for theater plays. In theater, they don’t get to cut out mistakes or redo scenes. They can’t edit stuff, so the props and the transitions have to be perfect. The staff and the actors have to be coordinated with each other, each and everyone dancing to the music of the orchestra, timing their actions to give the audience the best show for their money.

How about you? Did you catch The Phantom of the Opera performance here in Manila? :) – ED

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