Foodie Review : Celina’s Cafe and Restaurant, Tagaytay

For my parents’ twenty-third Wedding Anniversary, we decided to take a short out-of-town trip to Tagaytay City to a restaurant named Celina’s Cafe and Restaurant at Vista Point, Tagaytay. This was after I saw this deal on eBay Kuponan’s website. It was a short drive which lasted some one and a half hours, as we left Manila at 11-something, and arrived at Tagaytay at 12:30 PM, just some minutes late for our lunch reservation.

We had quite a difficult time looking for the place, as it did not have glaring landmarks to point you to the restaurant. I had to call up the manager two to three times for directions. It was partly our fault because we didn’t have a map with us, and Sun broadband on my mom’s iPad decided to be all scumbag and not help when it’s needed.
When we finally found the place, we waited a while to be able to park, as the parking area was not exclusively Celina’s, and was shared by nearby establishments. Relieved that we weren’t as late as we thought we’d be, and happy with the deal we thought it was, we headed over to the restaurant. It was sad that the first thing that I saw was a sign that says the buffet is priced at 289php, the same price I bought the coupons for! What is up with that? Offering it in a deal site only to get to market it online, but not actually offering it at a discounted price? I was upset, but I didn’t want to ruin our mini-celebration, so I just kept mum about it.
One of the things I liked about Celina’s (and there were very few, really) is that it offered a nice view of the Taal Lake. However, the area with the nice view was, again, not exclusive to Celina’s and shared with Bo’s coffee. I think it was more for the Bo’s coffee sutomers than for Celina’s.
Food: Food was unremarkable. I don’t think there was any item in the buffet that I really came back for seconds, save for the fruit salad and the free-flowing juices. The tray of food was always empty, and they always took a while to replenish. Some food items (such as the fruits) were only covered with plastic wrap, which was inconvenient to the customers. Some customers would not place the plastic wrap back properly, so flies had access to the food.
My plate
Service: The staff was prompt and accommodating. I can’t remember complaining about how they assisted us.
Place: It was small and cozy. The interiors were warm to the eyes. My parents seemed to like the place because of this.
My parents — Seems they’re having a great time in this photo
Bottom Line: Will I go back? No. I think Taalena or Bag of Beans would be worth the trip and the cost. I read a review online which likened Celina’s to a “Karinderya na ginawang restaurant”. Harsh words, but to a certain extent, I can understand where that person is coming from. Online reviews are a mix bag for Celina’s, so don’t only take my word for it but check out the positive reviews as well, so that you see it from another viewpoint. I do hope that Celina’s take note of the critical reviews and improve their offerings from there. -ED

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