America’s Next Top Model College Edition Cycle 19 Winner is… Laura James!

This season of america’s Next Top Model is themed The College Edition, wherein they hailed and scouted girls from various colleges and universities to rise up and become deserving of the title America’s Next Top Model.

It has been a long season, and there were lots of new additions, such as judge Male Supermodel Rob Evans, and Creative Director Johnny Wujek, replacing Ms J, and Jay Manuel. Fashion PR Maven Kelly Cutrone retains her spot in the judges’ throne. It has definitely been different without the presence of Nigel Barker, J. Alexander and Jay Manuel, who have done more than enough to put America’s Next Top Model in the map. They have practically been there since forever. According to an interview with Nigel Barker I read online, the news did not come as a shock, as they had foreseen it, with the drop in the show’s ratings.

What was new, though, was that the choice of who stays and who goes home is not anymore an entirely subjective experience. It is now based on a scoring system, averaging the contestant’s Challenge Score + Judges’ Score + Social Media Score. The Social Media score is derived from the popularity and ratings of the week’s best photo from the girls’ photoshoots. Some of the contestants get axed out of the competition simply because they have less following on the internet. It just goes to show how social media now affects the career of everyone in the limelight.

With that said, there have been a lot of contestants that became instant fan favorites. Initially, I liked Leila because of how high fashion she is, but when she started bitching about Laura, I decided to join Team Laura. Eventually, Leila got booted out, and it was a sure win for Laura. however, the social media ratings brought back Leila, and with the rift between the two, Laura’s insecurity towards Leila heightened, and her performance suffered from Leila’s return. Laura was consistently doing great in challenges, and posing mad for the cameras, but towards the end, it was just difficult to watch as she was getting affected by Leila’s presence in the competition.

I did not stop believing in Laura, though. I love her, I love her work ethics, and I think she’s insanely pretty.

Here are some of Laura’s best photos from this season, and some from projects outside of ANTM:

Team Laura all the way! Hope she comes here to the Philippines like my ANTM faves did, Allie-cat Allison Harvard and Sophie Sumner -ED

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