Monthly Archives August 2012

The Eyeliner Difference

The beauty of eyeliner is that it is one of the instruments you can use to shape your eyes to flatter your face. A little eyeliner does the trick in defining your eyes, giving a little more emphasis to it than it normally would appear in one’s face. A more generous dose can make your eyes seem longer if you have a round face, bigger if you have a pair of eyes too small.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with eyeliner...

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Love for Dance

Recently, I’ve been keeping myself busy with watching movies, series (anime + TV series), and reading books. It’s kind of therapeutic for me, to bury myself in other worthwhile activities and forget the fact that I’m not having fun at my job. :))

I guess you could say that my job became the catalyst for me to discover that I love to dance. Since I joined the dance troupe, I’ve been putting my extra time supposedly allocated for me-time and sleep into practice...

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