Pre-Birthday Celebration at Little Tokyo

Sunday, July 8 – Had the most fun Pre-Birthday ever. Well, it’s the first time I’ve had a pre-birthday celebration, really. :))

Saw Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter with my boyfriend, with a large cup of Happy Lemon in hand. We’ve been obsessing over Cocoa Rocksalt and Cheese for weeks! It’s a good plan to kill our willpower to diet, though.

Us, randomly stopping at a random spot in the mall to take a photo

Afterwards, I headed over to Pasong Tamo, Makati, for dinner with the craziest friends I have. It’s my first time there, despite being a big sucker for Japanese food. Boyfriend and I never really got the chance to haul ourselves to Makati to check the place out, so, with the number of restaurants in the place, I couldn’t decide for myself which to try. I had to leave it to my friends to choose the place for dinner.

PAsong Tamo Little Tokyo Directions
Here’s a little map I found for reference :D

We decided on Yakiniku @ Urameshiya, over the more expensive ones bordering the lot of Japanese restaurants. Then we got the Wagyu Set (*methinks*), which cost about 3,200php, and was good for three-four people. It had so many kinds of meat and I just didn’t know how to differentiate them from one another, as long as it tasted good, we were just going to gobble it up and move on to the next slice of cooked meat. :))

My girlfriend liked to wrap the meat in leafy vegetables
I prefer the meat just swimming in my sauce of choice.
The counter / bar. Looks legit


Post-Urameshiya. We consumed everything, with just the four of us! Our stomachs are like black holes.
And this is me and my girlfriend

Don’t misunderstand :)) I’m not gay. It’s just something that we got used to from eons ago. Ely and I were so close we decided to just be each other’s girlfriend. And we’ve been through together a lot. So the relationship status, it just kinda got stuck to us. :))

You wouldn’t believe it, but after all that, we were still pretty hungry. We moved on to Hana, the Japanese Restaurant next door, looking for a few drinks and desserts.

The restaurant’s name couldn’t get any more relevant than this.
Little tokyo photo
Little Tokyo at night

Two of my friends ordered Shaved Ice. I’m not really a fan of anything too cold for my overly-sensitive gums. I ordered a Banana Shake instead. At 150php, it;s not as great as I thought it would be.

Meet my bipolar friends. I LOVE YOU GUYS.
Making a wish!

And you know what we did after that? We divided the cake into four.. and ate ALL OF IT.

And we didn’t stop eating there.
As a tradition of sorts, whenever we get together, us group of friends, we’d have a little Takoyaki Eating Challenge. The fastest one to finish her mouthful of takoyaki wins. What does the winner win? Nothing but sheer glory :)) The last time we did this, I finished last. And these friends of mine actually call me loser. :)) I think this time, these guys went soft on me and made me win, just ’cause it was my birthday ;)
Hana’s Takoyakis were so soft and fresh and full. Most of the takoyakis sold in stalls have 50% air in them. This one feels like every portion of the round takoyaki is occupied with vegetables, and everything else good. It’s 120php for six pieces. You shouldn’t miss out on trying Hana’s Takoyaki Balls when you drop by Little Tokyo.
I wish that night did not have to end: that we didn’t have school or work the next day, and adult stuff to face when we wake up in the morning. That we could have stayed for a few more hours, with a drink in hand, laughing like a wreck under the stars. Even without the boost of a drink, we were already laughing like mad. It has been such a long time since we were together, just talking and laughing, yet having the best time of our lives. Nights like these make me feel so young. I’m not exactly old, but the worries and concerns that I started facing after getting out of college has taken a toll on my once-young heart. The kind of young that wasn’t scared to have fun and enjoy the moment. The kind of young that didn’t have to count every minute of every day, and just living as it comes. I miss being young.
To being 22, yet being young more than ever;
To an indefinite number of days spent with great friends;

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