Our New Salon : The Kinks and Perks of Opening Your Own Salon

I haven’t been updating lately because I got busy with work, and my birthday week, and helping mom with anything and everything. It was a great week though, because just last July 5, my mom, together with her friend and business partner, opened their own new salon! It’s called Hair Solution, and it’s located in a small barangay in Pasig.

Mom put so much work on the interior of the place

Now, it’s nothing major. We’re taking baby steps here, and well, mom likes it small. So we found a good spot near Arellano Pasig, and the location of the salon is a tricycle ride away from our house. Maybe when the salon starts returning bigger profits, we’ll open up a bigger and more grander one.

During the blessing
The view from inside
Mom’s friends came to show support during the blessing, on our opening day
We sell accessories on our salon, too! Some mom buys, some she makes herself :)

I think the best part of opening up a salon is that you get to be enjoy the services. I had my hair dyed a light brown, and i really like the color, but I think I’ll go for a lighter shade next time. Mom enjoy being pampered and gets the weekly manicure/pedicure from her staff. She still pays, though :)) The rest of the family gets their treatment at our salon, and it feels good to do away with the uncertainty of getting your feet murdered by an untrained staff, or paying too much for a service you’ll curse afterwards.

Hair Solution’s well-trained staff, ready to serve you :)

The downside of opening a small salon is that there are still some areas that could use improvement. For hair coloring, they use hair dye brands that I am not familiar with. They are effective, though, and dispels the idea that you have to pay an incredible amount to get your hair colored. No, you don’t. Have your hair dyed at the nearest salon near you. It’s cheap and effective. Though of course, it’s not L’oreal or other more advertised brands. You can bring your hair dye of choice, too! If you want to have your hair dyed but don’t feel like DIY-ing, bring that box of hair dye to your hairstylist, and s/he’ll gladly take care of the rest. Of course, you don’t pay as much since you provided the dye. :)

My hair being blow-dried by my hairstylist, Julie
New hair color! Yay!

There are other kinks, but I’m sure we’re going to smooth it out soon enough. I’m just happy that, little by little, my mom’s achieving her life goals, and at 53, she doesn’t look her age, because she’s having the time of her life. :)

For those who wanna visit our humble salon, here’s our location:

Hair Solution Beauty Salon and Spa
124 Pag-asa St., Caniogan, Pasig City

Check out our price list on our Facebook Page: Hair Solution on Facebook
The services are very affordable. The location’s a bit tight, though. It’s located on a narrow street, so avoid bringing a car to get to the salon. If you’re ever in the area, please don’t forget to drop by! :) It’s the prettiest spot in the neighborhood, you won’t miss it! -ED

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