Happy List: A Week-Long Celebration of My 22nd Birthday

Day 1 – The Opening of a New Salon

Mom opened up her new salon near our home. It’s called Hair Solution, and offers great services at affordable and inexpensive prices. I even had my hair colored during the opening day for my birthday, yay!

Hoping I don’t look anywhere near 22

Day 2 – A Pre-Birthday Celebration with Friends at Little Tokyo, Makati

Spent Sunday night out with a couple of friendsenjoying Japanese barbecue and dessert over at Little Tokyo, Makati. Despite being a big fan of almost everything Japanese, this is my first time at Little Tokyo. Read more about it HERE.

Day 3 – Twenty Two

Despite having work on my birthday, I still had the pleasure of coming home to a feast my mom prepared and spending a quiet dinner at home with my family. I get a little emotional during my own birthdays. :))

Day 4 – Pizza + Movie Day

Spent the day with my best friend, scouring Divisoria for great finds, and post shopping pig-out over at my place, with all the pizza we can ever dream of eating. Watched a movie while munching on two big family pizzas. This is the ultimate Girls’ Bonding Sesh (Session), and I’d choose this over going to the spa any day.

Day 5 – Winning FREE Tickets to David Cook’s Concert

Probably one of the best birthday gifts ever: Free tickets to DC’s concert! Would it be too much to ask to win a pair of Maroon 5 Tickets, too? #Wishfulthinking

David Cook Concert in Manila July 14, 212 – Photo by Ed Clinton Go

Despite the drama in some of my birthday blog posts, it was overall a fun birthday for me. I never expected some of the surprises that were sent my way (Tickets to DC’s concert, eating all the pizza that we did, having a good time with friends I haven’t seen in a long while). I’m so blessed to have spent my birthday this year for almost a whole week. Yes, I’m probably not anywhere nearer to my dream than I was last year, but more than ever, I have felt that there is no other way but to get there. I can’t be miserable all of my life, and I can’t keep forcing something that sucks the life out of me forever. Dreams will be dreams if I don’t slap myself to wake and get up and finally act on it. My dreams won’t be dreams any longer. Tomorrow, I’ll be living my dream. -ED

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