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Happy List: A Week-Long Celebration of My 22nd Birthday

Day 1 – The Opening of a New Salon

Mom opened up her new salon near our home. It’s called Hair Solution, and offers great services at affordable and inexpensive prices. I even had my hair colored during the opening day for my birthday, yay!

Hoping I don’t look anywhere near 22

Day 2 – A Pre-Birthday Celebration with Friends at Little Tokyo, Makati

Spent Sunday night out with a couple of friendsenjoying Japanese barbecue and dessert over at Little Tokyo, Makati...

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Pre-Birthday Celebration at Little Tokyo

Sunday, July 8 – Had the most fun Pre-Birthday ever. Well, it’s the first time I’ve had a pre-birthday celebration, really. :))

Saw Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter with my boyfriend, with a large cup of Happy Lemon in hand. We’ve been obsessing over Cocoa Rocksalt and Cheese for weeks! It’s a good plan to kill our willpower to diet, though.

Us, randomly stopping at a random spot in the mall to take a photo

Afterwards, I headed over to Pasong Tamo, Makati, for dinner with the craziest fr...

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Our New Salon : The Kinks and Perks of Opening Your Own Salon

I haven’t been updating lately because I got busy with work, and my birthday week, and helping mom with anything and everything. It was a great week though, because just last July 5, my mom, together with her friend and business partner, opened their own new salon! It’s called Hair Solution, and it’s located in a small barangay in Pasig.

Mom put so much work on the interior of the place

Now, it’s nothing major. We’re taking baby steps here, and well, mom likes it small...

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Movie Weekend: The Amazing Spider-Man

Post duty movie date!

I have been waiting for this since ever, even though I couldn’t let go of the old Spidey aka Tobey Maguire’s Spidey in my head. And the feeling that these people are not doing their homeworks and has chosen to recycle old blockbusters in hopes of making profit. But oh well, I’m still going to see the movie, whatever shit I say. :))

Yes, Tobey, you’re amazing, too.

Check out The Amazing Spider-man’s Movie poster:

The Amazing Spider-Man Movie Poster 2012


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