Three of the Most Beautiful Filipina Celebrities Share the Secret to Younger Looking Skin

Three of this country’s most beautiful faces came together to reveal their secret to ageless beauty: Ms. Eula Valdez, Iza Calzado, and Jessie Mendiola showed their support for the only brand they have trusted with their skin care.

Their age-defying secret? The Myra Holistic Skin Care, which cares for their skin inside and out with Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant. They begin their skin care regimen by starting from the inside with Myra 400E capsule. The Myra 400E capsule works at a cellular level, which repairs and renews to give you healthy and beautiful, young-looking skin. The Myra 400E capsule works best when used with Myra Topicals, such as the Myra Facial Moisturizer and Myra Hand and Body Lotion which seal in much needed moisture in the skin and prevents further damage to the skin from the harmful effects of pollution and the sun. It also adds that healthy glowing appearance to the skin.

Some photos from the event:

Because Myra believes that great skin starts from within, they also made sure to serve healthy, not to mention delicious, food at the buffet table, even introducing tidbits of trivia about each dish.

Jessie Mendiola, Iza Calzado and Eula Valdez for Myra

For their photos to be actually blown up this big and this close, it just goes to show how they have great skin, even when up close! I love that we got the chance to meet them in person, and how their skin is all pretty and glowing. Eula Valdez doesn’t also appear to be anywhere near a day after thirty-five! She looks so young and vibrant. And she has been with Myra for some nine years already. She’s the epitome of ageless beauty among the three, and the true face of Myra for me. It makes me wonder, though. Do they ever get pimples? I know how they’re all taken care of by a roster of the best dermatologists here in the Philippines, but really, are they kind of immune to comedones now? :)

Jessie Mendiola, Eula Valdez, and Iza Calzado getting interviewed by Sam Oh about their Myra experience
Eula Valdez and Iza Calzado getting interviewed by the media

During the event, they also launched the latest Myra commercial featuring the three Myra endorsers. Here is the video of their commercial from Youtube:


How’d you like their Myra’s newest TVC?

Our friends from Myra sent us home with a gift bag with all their most trusted products. I can’t wait to share some with you :) -ED

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