Review: Myra Vita-Glow Tinted Moisturizer in Ivory

One of the skincare basics that a lot of people tend to neglect is moisturizing. In this tropical country we’re living in, our skin can easily become dehydrated, and give off that dull, unhealthy, and dry appearance. But since there are plenty of us born with oily or combination skin type, we tend to skip out on applying moisturizer. Listen: Just because you have oily skin doesn’t mean you should skip out on moisturizing. Oil = moisture. And there are water-based moisturizers in the market that can help retain the moisture in the skin. Remember: the less moisture that is kept on your skin layers, the faster your skin will age. Just like a dried up raisin. :)

So not so recently, I got myself a tube of Myra VitaGlow Tinted Moisturizer in Ivory. It’s got the right amount of SPF (SPF 15) for me, and I’m just about sure that this will be a treat for those looking for tinted moisturizers. VitaGlow also comes in two shades: Ivory and Beige.

It’s suitable for all skin-types, as it is hypo-allergenic and dermatologist -tested. If you’re wary of breaking out from this product or your skin reacting with VitaGlow, you can take a little amount and try it over the pulse site on your wrist, or behind your ear. Wait for twenty-four hours to see if the product reacts on your skin. Of course, this is not conclusive that the product will not cause you pimples, but it’s a safe way to check if your skin is sensitive to the product and the ingredients used in the product.

The packaging is very sleek, easy to carry around and has little risk of spilling all over the contents of my bag because of its screw-type cover.

As for the product, the consistency is very fluid and thin, as shown in the photo above, it was difficult to maintain on one spot of my hand as it keeps trickling down. You can expect that the consistency and coverage is worlds away from our much-loved BB creams.

The photo above shows me blending it on my wrist area, and it easily blends because of its thin consistency. It leaves off a glowing, matte appearance after blending. I wish the photos would show that glow, but it’s more apparent in person.

Pardon the bad skin, I was recently subjected to the tortures of facial and it left quite some scars, but they’re almost disappearing now. This is a before and after photo, with the above photo showing my right side of the face with VitaGlow, and the left side bare from moisturizer. The after photo shows both sides with the moisturizer. As you can see, given the thin consistency of the product, it doesn’t manage to cover up dark spots and scars. But if you will direct your attention to the left side of my face as well as the area below my lower lip, it shows that the redness has lightened in appearance. It managed to cover lighter spots and somne acne scars.

VERDICT: If you’re someone who has little problem with acne scars, Myra VitaGlow might be for you. You can wear this alone, or with powder over it. I haven’t tried putting liquid foundation on top of this to see if their combination will appear cakey on the face, so you might want to test it first before going with that combination.

I liked the healthy, glowing appearance it gives my skin. Some though, would be turned off by the glittery look because of those microscopic glitters in VitaGlow, but it’s fine with me. What I wished it had more was coverage. But of course, Myra VitaGlow isn’t a foundation, it’s simply a tinted moisturizer.

Also, some would wish that they had more shades for the colored Filipina. They only have two at the moment, which is Ivory and Beige, and having only two shades wouldn’t encompass the shade range of most Filipinas. Staying power is not as good as our BB creams, so you might want to wear it with powder on top.

Definitely affordable at 135php per tube, everyone should have this in their bags or dressers for that quick moisturizing fix.

Will I use it again? Yes, but given the condition of my face at the moment, I would rather go for my heavy liquid foundations. I might use it as a base though, for moisturizing purposes, because the foundations we use can be so drying and harmful to our skin.

How about you? How did you like Myra VitaGlow? :) – ED

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