Ever Tried Jamba Juice? Why You Should Take a Sip of This Popular Drink in Town

During the Bilibid visit, I’ve heard the other bloggers talking about dropping by Jamba Juice for a cup of drink. It was the first time I’ve heard of it, really, and I got curious. So when we got dropped off somewhere near Bonifacio High Street in the afternoon with no passenger-free taxi offering a ride home, we knew we’d rather wait for a taxi with a drink on hand, and without really talking about it, we were already walking towards the direction of Jamba Juice.

It was around 6 PM when we made our way inside the Jamba Juice BHS Branch, and we were greeted enthusiastically, almost too enthusiastically, by the staff. I swear they’re high on Energy Boosts :)) They’re so happy and full of energy, it could very well be infectious.

Iris and I had no idea what we wanted to try, being the first-timers that we were to Jamba Juice. I think she chose Five Fruit Frenzy, while I went with Strawberry Whirl, a combination of Strawberries, Bananas, and Apple-Strawberry Juice. Iris was supposed to get Mega Mango, thinking that it was the least sour of the four All Fruit Smoothies, but changed her mind when the girl at the cashier warned her it was the most sour of the four!

You also have to choose what BOOST to add, and I’m skeptic and all, like, “Really? What do they add to boost energy? Caffeine? Sugar?” But I went with the Energy Boost, because if I can get high in energy like the Jamba Juice staff were, then I’d be okay heading towards my Night Duty with the little shuteye I got that day.

We got our drinks in less than five minutes, and in no time, we were already having fun at the photobooth.

This is the first time I’ve seen a photobooth in a shop that offers drinks, which is really wonderful and interactive, and the pictures would just speak for themselves how many people they have sipping on Jamba Juice a day. We were having fun and all, until..

..we found out that there was no way we could send the photo to ourselves! No internet connection, sadly. And they have long stopped uploading the photobooth photos on their Facebook account, which they used to do until November of 2011. So we resigned to our seats and made do with taking photos of our photo. Hahah! Photoception!

Iris and I were talking about how we liked Jamba Juice, for furst timers, and Jen was surprised to know that it was our first time, sine she’s had several trips to Jamba Juice before.

So here’s what I liked about Jamba Juice: It’s fun, it’s fresh, and it’s healthy. It’s a great initiative to start people to go in the direction of being healthy.

What I did not like.. Let’s just say that it wasn’t Jamba Juice’s fault that I have a sweet tooth. If I could only adjust sweetness to 120%, I would! and have preferred less ice, because by the time my drink was warming a bit, that was the only time I’ve tasted sugar in it. I’ve probably been drinking too many milk teas and coffee, so juice wasn’t my default preference when it comes to drinks. And they only have two branches at the moment, one in Alabang Town Center, and this other in Bonifacio High Street, so I would not have been able to try it out if not for that serendipitous ride/lack of ride home.

Despite my opinion, we’ve observed that the place was bustling with customers! Seats were almost always never empty, not because there were students hoarding the place for study :)) There were just a lot of people hooked to Jamba Juice, and it comes as a surprise to Iris and me how we never got to try it out before it was this popular.

I’m glad I’ve finally tried Jamba Juice, and while I’m not gonna go running any time for a cup of Jamba Juice, I’m sure my boyfriend would love this and I can bring him here sometime. :) -ED

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