How To Say No To The Temptation of Spending

If you clicked on a link to this post because you wanted to know the answer to the question above, well, you have been misled. You came to the wrong place.

What I am about to tell you is how to say YES! to everything you’re being sold. :)) That’s me, master of overspending, buying stuff I have too much of.

First off, I’m not rich, okay? I get by with my eight-hour job, and I don’t have any other sources of income. I’m just lucky to be one of the very few decently-paid nurses here in the country, and I deserve to be one. So whatever I earn, I try to put a little on mutual funds, pay my rent, buy groceries for a month, go on dates. I buy makeup once in a while. I have too many shorts, one for every day of the week. Too many pants, too many uniforms, too many underwears. And here I am, telling myself that I should refrain from spending stuff on unnecessary things, and instead, buy stuff that will earn money for me.

But again, like many good advice, it’s easier said than done. Discipline is not one of my strengths. I’m a lot impatient, and I want things in a snap. So what am I doing and what am I doing wrong?

1. Half of those on my Facebook friends’ list are online shops. So if I have about 1500 Facebook friends, half of those are spewing photos of every imaginable items on sale on my Newsfeed. In my face. And if I spend about three hours a day on Facebook, can you imagine how much consumeristic shit I’m taking from them? Unfortunately..

2. I like looking at online shops. Guilty as charged. These online shops that I frequently visit sell stuff that I’ll never find in Divisoria, if I have to search every crevice of that place. I know Divisoria well, so I’m familiar with Divisoria prices and when an online shop’s selling price is almost the same of the Divisoria retail price. And when it is, oh when it is, the urge to buy online instead of treading the crowded streets of Divisoria is just too strong to fight.

3. I love SALES! Who in their right mind doesn’t? But it’s only an excuse to spend, actually. When I reason to myself, “Oh, I’ll never be able to buy this swimsuit for this cheap! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!”, it’s kinda like lying to myself. But it’s pretty muvh a white lie. It makes me feel good, because after the first ten minutes of me debating with my weak-willed self, I buy the swimsuit. End of story. :))

And when there are no sales…

4. There are any number of excuses I can use to buy something, if I have even a slight liking for it. Like, Oh this goes well with the shoes I bought last week, or, I just totally need this, else I’m gonna stop breathing and drop dead.

Fortunately for me, I am very indecisive. So sometimes, when I want to buy too many stuff, and only some limited munnies to spend, I give up trying to budget at all, and just.. I don’t know. I forget what ever I’m doing. It’s like my brain stops functioning for a while and I don’t want to buy anymore if I have to think and torture over the repercussions of my spending. :))

So here I am, tortured, distressed, and in pain, because sale season is here. And my biggest excuse is: It’s almost my birthday! I deserve to be happy! Torture ito, okay? I’d prefer being water-tortured down any day than this. #Firstworldproblems Yet at the same time, it motivates me not only to work hard, but to use my brain. How do I make money work for me? What should I do to earn enough money to support the lifestyle that I want? How can afford all of this stuff without being confined to a goddamn budget?

And hopefully, I find answers to these questions. Because I’ll never earn that money by just working hard, moreso in a job I have never loved. Because working hard is never the answer: it’s working smart. -ED

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