Freeway x Levi Celerio National Artists Collectors’ Series Fall 2012

Levi Celerio Art
Levi Celerio Tribute

Last June 4, 2012, music and fashion enthusiasts, bloggers and media, and family and friends of National Artist for Music Levi Celerio gathered at The Row, Glorietta 5 to pay tribute to his works and life as an artist. Hosting the event was Freeway endorser and artist, Giselle Tongi. Also a highlight of the event is Ms. Pilita Corales’ rendition of Levi Celerio’s classic and timeless masterpieces. Cultural Historian and Music Critic Dr. Antonio Hila shed light on the life and works of Levi Celerio, and what makes him stand out, what makes his type of lyricist/composer a rarity these days.

Pilita Corrales Giselle Toengi

Since 2009, Freeway has been paying tribute to our National Artists by launching collections commemorating their works. In the past, Freeway have paid tribute to National Artists for Literature F. Sionil Jose, Jose Garcia Villa, and Nick Joaquin; Ramon Valera for Fashion Design; and Ang Kiukok and Vicente Manansala, National Artists for Visual Arts. For Fall 2012, they have decided to launch their seventh installment of the National Artists Collectors’ Series, and they have chosen to pay tribute to Levi Celerio.

It was probably difficult coming up with designs for this clothing collection, since Levi Celerio wasn’t exactly known for producing something visual or tangible, unlike the previous artists featured. For most of us, Levi Celerio was introduced to us early on through text books and history classes, wherein he’s greatly recognized for his leaf-playing, a feat that earned him a spot on the Guiness Book of World Records, making him the only person able to play music with the use of a leaf. But what everyone barely knows is that he composed timeless classics that we hear very often, such as Saan Ka Man Naroroon, Ikaw, Sa Ugoy ng Duyan, and Kahit Konting Pagtingin. When you listen closely and try to scrutinize the lyrics, you’d realize that not a word or tune is out of place, and to think that Levi Celerio composed these songs with little effort on his part. He was born with such a great talent, and he used them to create more than 4000 melodies and beautiful lyrics conveying nationalistic sentiments and grand philosophies.

Philippine National Artist

Here are some photos from the event:


Seatmates Krissy and Kira! Nice meeting you girls! Hope to see you again :) Sorry if i was a lot shy :))
Kira‘s bag matches my dress. :))

Some of my favorite pieces from the collection:

Our lovely friends from Freeway sent us home with a mini-harmonica each. A really cute keepsake. I tried playing it and it works! :) Would love to wear it as an accessory, but gah, I think I should just preserve it instead. :)

Did you like any pieces from Freeway’s NACS Fall 2012 Collection? Share your thoughts! -ED

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