EOTD: Philippine Independence Day -Inspired; Work In Progress

Took inspiration from the Philippine Flag, which left me with the colors blue and red to work with. It’s pretty difficult to make it not appear like someone punched me in the eyes, since the colors red and blue mixed together looks like an ecchymosis. Also, it has to be blue on top of the red, because the arrangement of the colors in the Philippine Flag is symbolic: blue for peace, reigning over red, which symbolizes war and unrest.

Bare faced save for the eyes. My attempt at an Independence Day-inspired EOTD:

red blue eyeshadow
philippine makeup

Totally unwearable outside :)) Btw, I’m not wearing any contacts. My eyes are normally that big. o_o

Also, I don’t photoshop photos of my face, save for the watermark. What eyebags you see is what you get. -ED

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