After Two Months of Using GLOWW: The Final Verdict

After two months of using GLOWW

Not exactly my best photo, but hey, you can’t deny I have great skin here, the best I’ve had in months! :)

Ever since I’ve started getting stressed over work (FYI that was Day 1), my skin has completely started to become lackluster and sad. Stress does a lot of things to you, and sometimes, it makes you neglect some skin care pampering here and there. So when I got the chance to try out GLOWW, I made sure I wouldn’t change anything in my routine: I’m still getting inadequate hours of sleep, still eating the same junk that’s bad for any of us (canned goods and processed and preserved foods), still skipping out on moisturizing and sunblock. Alas, I haven’t been the best example on skin care, BUT! I made sure that the only different thing I’d do in these two months is that I’ll be taking GLOWW. So if my skin’s any different, for better or worse, it must be GLOWW.


  • GLOWW gave my skin a healthy glow. Skin shade didn’t exactly become noticeably fairer, but the happy glow that it exudes, and onlookers note, is good enough!
  • I noticed a more even skin tone
  • There is more pink infused in my skin than the dull, ashen color (this color is not a good color and indicates poor health, really) I originally had prior to intake of GLOWW
  • Affordable at 750php per box, which contains thirty capsules. Also available in most drugstores nationwide


  • I’m not very good at following routine. So when I’m told I have to take this once a day, I forget. Spare me some senior moments :))

So I checked out how Helen (from Lucky Citrine) fared with GLOWW and it turns out that GLOWW gave her rosier cheeks! Inggit much, but I guess I’ll just keep on taking GLOWW and wait for my own rosy cheeks to bloom :P

Hope GLOWW works out for you dolls :) -ED

For more updates and information on GLOWW, check out their Facebook Page

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