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How To Say No To The Temptation of Spending

If you clicked on a link to this post because you wanted to know the answer to the question above, well, you have been misled. You came to the wrong place.

What I am about to tell you is how to say YES! to everything you’re being sold. :)) That’s me, master of overspending, buying stuff I have too much of.

First off, I’m not rich, okay? I get by with my eight-hour job, and I don’t have any other sources of income...

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FOTD: Blue-Eyed – Wearing Blue Eyeshadow for Day Wear, and How to

I hardly wear makeup to work. I only wear makeup when I’m practicing makeup techniques I learned, or for events. And recently, I’ve been practicing a lot :)) So my skin’s kinda breaking out, revolting, the excessive use of makeup that it is not used to. Please pardon my skin. It’s improved so much from my breakout months, actually, and only now has it acted up like this. :P

Anyhoo, I decided to play with blue eyeshadow, and try a look that great for day use...

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Winners of the Myra VitaGlow Tinted Moisturizer

Congratulations to:



Istin Dizon Paigna
Judy Ann Doronila
You just won a Myra VitaGlow for you and your bud! Pls email/ PM via FB me your shipping details (name, shipping address, contact number) so I can send you your prize soon!
Stick around because I have lots more products to share with you guys! -ED
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FOTD / OOTD + Senior Year Movie

I had the chance to watch Senior Year movie c/o our friends from the Yabang Pinoy. It was an awesome movie, and it got me nostalgic of the things I had back in High School. High School wasn’t really that exciting for me. I remember looking forward to college and the new hopes that it would bring. I guess it’s safe to say that the High School culture hasn’t changed a bit, even after four years...

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EOTD: Smokey Pink Eye Makeup

Upside down
My forehead says Hi o/

Combined pink with shades of grey instead of black. I love how this look is very wearable, day or night. Still using my generic eyeshadow palette. Hope you liked it! :) -ED

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EOTD: Sea Anemone Love

This must be one of my weirdest EOTDs yet, inspired by a sea creature named after the terrestrial plant, anemones: the Sea Anemone.

Compared to the pretty flower, anemone, which exudes femininity and gentleness, the sea anemone is a predatory animal of the sea, which can take down even larger preys. It has hairs on its surface, which, when touched, triggers the release of a mix of toxins that paralyzes the prey, and allows for digestion.

Sea anemones tend to stay in one place for a prolonged p...

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EOTD: Pinks and Purples

pink purple eyeshadow

Decided to try looks which are not heavily dependent on my eyeliner. I lined my eyes with chrome eyeshadow on this one, and dark purple for the lower lids.

pink and purple makeup

On my lips: NYX Soft Matte Lipcream in Pale Pink. Despite the unremarkable staying power, I love the feel on my lips.

EOTD pink purple
smokey makeup eotd pink purple

Yes, I am wearing my pambahay Angry Birds shirt :)) It’s cheap and it makes a good shirt for sleeping. :p

violet pink eye makeup

This look is totally wearable for day and night use. Nothing extraordinary, still practicing and practicing :) -ED

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EOTD: Philippine Independence Day -Inspired; Work In Progress

Took inspiration from the Philippine Flag, which left me with the colors blue and red to work with. It’s pretty difficult to make it not appear like someone punched me in the eyes, since the colors red and blue mixed together looks like an ecchymosis. Also, it has to be blue on top of the red, because the arrangement of the colors in the Philippine Flag is symbolic: blue for peace, reigning over red, which symbolizes war and unrest.

Bare faced save for the eyes...

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FOTD: Neutrals

FOTD shot while preparing for the Freeway x Levi Celerio Event last June 4. Sorry for the bedhead photos. I struggled to get up from the evil clutches of my bed, coming from a hectic graveyard shift. Played with neutrals.

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Ever Tried Jamba Juice? Why You Should Take a Sip of This Popular Drink in Town

During the Bilibid visit, I’ve heard the other bloggers talking about dropping by Jamba Juice for a cup of drink. It was the first time I’ve heard of it, really, and I got curious. So when we got dropped off somewhere near Bonifacio High Street in the afternoon with no passenger-free taxi offering a ride home, we knew we’d rather wait for a taxi with a drink on hand, and without really talking about it, we were already walking towards the direction of Jamba Juice.

It was around 6 PM when we mad...

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