Salon Review : Metrodeal x David’s Salon Wilson’s Branch

Some weeks ago, a friend and I decided to purchase a hair coloring deal voucher to be redeemed at David’s Salon Wilson’s Branch at 799php. We redeemed the voucher yesterday, and here’s my take on the David’s Salon Wilson’s Branch:

Location: Initially, we thought it would be located somewhere just across Greenhills. It was nly when we were at Ortigas cor Wilson St. did we realize that the salon is located much father than we expected. It was a hot and humid near-noon, which made it difficult to be walking and going about. To reach the place, you can either take a taxi, or a multicab (something like the orange mini-jeep you ride to get from Taft to MOA). It was a fifteen-minute ride, nothing you can take on by foot especially under the heat of the summer sun. We got down at Maytunas St., cor Wilson St. and headed over to the Promenade Building.

The salon is situated on the second floor of the building, and if you didn’t know about it being there before, you might not notice it when you pass by Wilson St. The area is somewhat far, but not secluded. There are also other businesses and offices around it.

The Salon: Comparing it with the David’s Salon at Megamall, I’d say the Wilson Branch is much smaller. At most, it has an area of 30 square meters, which can accommodate five customers at a time. What I had in mind would be something like my previous experience at David’s SM Megamall: there would be senior stylists and the place would be packed with people having their hair done. However, the Wilson’s Branch only had salon attendants / hairstylists much like those in small-time salons. I didn’t expect that form a David’s Salon franchise at all. It looked underequipped, and when we got there, there was only one person having her hair done. Most probably, I can attribute that to the location, as it’s not very accessible like other David’s Salon Branches. (Sorry for the lack of photos, I didn;t have the strength to go snapping about due to lack of sleep. You can always visit the salon and see for yourself :).

The Service: The staff weren’t really the friendliest bunch I’ve been with. It’s like they’re PMS-ing or something. I chose to look past that. It doesn’t matter, I thought. What’s important is the end result of the hair coloring I came here for.

I was hoping to go for something lighter than the average brown: think ash brown or milk tea brown. However, when the hairstylist presented me the choices for the brand Matrix, it had limited color choices. I asked for their lightest shade, and they gave me a 7G, a brown with a tinge of dark blonde. My friend, for the lack of choices, chose the same. Wait, I thought I’m entitled to ANY hair color of MY CHOICE?

The Fine Print isn’t always so fine.

But since, yeah, I’m not the most assertive person on this side of the planet, I just chose the best of what’s available, or rather, of what was presented to me. The fine print also said FOR ALL HAIR LENGTHS. My hair’s almost upto my hips, and based on salon standards, that’s extra long. So after assessing my hair, they told me that my hair is excessively long and that I would have to pay an extra 200php for that. I just said yes, just to get it over with, but hoped that it was indicated in the fine print, so that I could have had my hair trimmed beforehand at a barbershop or something.

The hair coloring process took about one and a half hours. During this time, as expected, they would try to sell me other services they believe I might need: Trimming, Keratin Treatment, Hot Oil. Name it, they’ve tried to sell me it. But they weren’t very pushy when they noticed I had no intention of getting anything else done except have my hair colored. I just buried my face deep in my book and pretended to be busy. I don’t want to be put in a position wherein I’d have difficulty saying NO.

The nicest thing the staff offered to do for me was to dye my eyebrows too, so that the color of my hair and eyebrows won’t be so glaringly different.

After rinsing my friend’s hair and mine, my friend’s hairstylist, and my hairstylists (I had two because of my long hair) were even discussing, “O mauuna pa kami matapos sayo [magblowdry]” And they really did race to finish blowdrying our hair. It was slightly annoying, and I felt somewhat played with. Bored na kayo kaya paglaruan nyo na lang yung customers? Ayos.

Looking back at the fine print, it said something about a scalp and back massage. There were none of those, or if the shampooing and rinsing count as the scalp massage, then I must have missed the back massage on this one. They were just itching to get us over with, I just felt it. And when I’ve the extra 200php charge, I even had the courtesy to hand them tips, both of my stylists, to which neither reciprocated, not even with a thank you or a smile. I just tried to be considerate and thought that it must be a rough day for them. It does rub off on customers, though.

End Result: I didn’t get the hair color I planned to, but it’s okay. They’re not very obvious in photos, but people who see me compliment my hair, now dyed lighter.

Me, trying to make the best of whatever. :)

Compared to my friend, who had her hair dyed for the first time, mine was dyed twice already. But her hair showed more of the color than mine.

Other than that, I loved my blowdried hair. Can I wake up tomorrow and have perfectly blowdried hair?? That’d be awesome.

Will I be going back to David’s Salon Wilson’s Branch for more? No, mainly because the branch is not very accessible. (I’ve never even considered the Greenhills area accessible for me). The services are not worth the effort as well. I might as well just have my hair done at another David’s Salon Branch, or at HairShaft Podium where I first had my hair colored (loved my stylist Migz, then). For a 799php deal, it was okay. Most of these businesses that provide deals always tend to shortchange their customers. Just because you’re offering your services at a discounted price doesn’t mean that you would not give your best service to the customers. That is the reason why you’re offering deals nga eh, so that people would come and try out your services for themselves. If they like it, they’ll come back and you would have gained returning customers. Deals are not a one-time thing. I wish more deal providers knew that.

Sorry for the angsty post. I just really had mixed feelings towards the salon and the service they provided us. Hope that in the future, David’s Salon Wilson’s Branch would improve and have more customers, customers who’d come despite the inaccessible location, because they have something that only they can offer. -ED

2 comments to Salon Review : Metrodeal x David’s Salon Wilson’s Branch

  • aian  says:

    oh no! thank u ate! muntik na ko magpurchase nito auko nang limited lang ang colours. atska auko ng feeling na parang yung staff acts like mema matapos na lang.

    • dollhana  says:

      I’m glad you found this helpful, Aian! Oo, sobrang BV talaga :(

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