My Best Friend’s Bridal Shower

Not very many people choose to marry at the age of 22. So when my best friend told me, and everyone else, last year that she’s getting married to her long-time boyfriend, it came as a complete shock. I kept thinking about how I’d never do that, how I’ll never get hitched at such a young age, and the idea was difficult for me to accept, let alone believe. Nevertheless, I showered my friend constant support with her decision.

It was a few weeks to go before the wedding when I decided to let my thoughts loose, and let my bestfriend know how I feel about her marriage. I told her, “Friend. I’m sorry, and I hope I don’t offend you because I don’t mean to. But, isn’t it too early for you to get married? At 22, you still have so much things to do left! What about your dreams of becoming a dancer, a performer? If you get married, you’ll never get that opportunity as easily as you can now. Think about it, please.” Recognizing that I indeed, have a point (which is rare, really, in our day-to-day conversations), she told me that she’ll think about it. I knew I could trust her to “think about it”, because she even went so far as to contemplate the consequences of calling the wedding off.

It was some days after when she told me that she discussed this with her fiance, and her fiance, being the supportive man that he is, gave her time to think about it, and did not pressure her to push on with the wedding. When she has finally reached her decision, my best friend told me, “Friend, I realized that if I call the wedding off, and work hard to become a dancer, to reach my dream of becoming a performer, and ultimately, to train in Korea, I’d have reached my dream, but I won’t be happy without Paul.” With such conviction, she said it as if she cannot live without him, and it made me realize that that is love, the kind of love that will get you through hard times and sad times. I mean, what could be harder than giving up your dream for something else?

And so, Little Miss Maid of Honor, who has never (ever) in her life organized even a small party, much more a bridal shower!, gave it her best to give her best friend a bridal shower she would always remember.

Location: Cafe Mary Grace @ Greenbelt 3. I chose Cafe Mary Grace because of the ambiance, It was very homey, and I know Justine would like that.

A few preparations here and there: I made placecards since not all of us would know each other. I also made a small poster to keep other guests away from our vicinity hehe.

Games: The games were planned by one of our friends, and they were really neat games, like Couple Match (First one to match corresponding lovers wins); Quiz bee about the bride and groom (This stressed me out because I had to defend my title! Well I emerged still as the super maid of honor mwahaha), and some more.

Food: I checked out Cafe Mary Grace’s Menu and made a list of those that I think would fit the theme, and designed a customized menu for our group.

Centerpiece and Giveaway: I decided on cupcakes and a cupcake tower long ago, even before I decided on the venue of the shower :)) When it comes to planning, you should know I’m not the flexible kind: when I want something, I’ll do everything in my power to get it, It’s not very easy for me to adapt to changes, so when I made up my mind that I wanted baby pink rose cupcakes, I knew I had to get it. It was later on after endless searching that I found Legally Sweet Cupcakes by Ayeth. Ayeth, who is a lawyer by profession, is chasing her passion in baking. I saw that she had already the design I had in mind in the past, but gave some more instructions regarding how soft I want the rose petals to be like, and not the hard flower candies that comes in birthday cakes. Delivery was a little rough, but the cupcakes made it in time for the shower. :)

I made the flaglets, and sent Ayeth the design for printing


In individual packaging, as souvenirs for the guests


The bride-to-be with the prized cupcakes
We planted candles on the cupcakes and lighted them for the bride to blow our “wishes”

The cupcakes were delicious, and most guests found it extremely so. :) Most importantly, the bride loved it. I personally am glad that Ayeth got exactly the design I wanted. Down to the T, it was even better than what I had in mind.

For those of you looking for great souvenirs, cupcakes are the way to go. They’re not very expensive, customized, and something everyone would love to receive! I personally recommend Legally Sweet by Ayeth for all your cupcake and cake needs, because I know how talented and artistic she is in her craft.

You may send her an email for price quotation of your desired cupcake and cake designs @

You may also check out Legally Sweet Cupcakes’ Facebook Fan page to see her past cupcake creations. I promise you, they won’t disappoint!

There were only very few of us who got to attend, but Justine enjoyed it as much. While the usual bridal shower would have sex-themed activities and male strippers prancing around the room, I knew that it’s not Justine’s kind, and might put her in an awkward position to force her into that kind of bridal shower (Well, I wouldn’t feel comfortable, too). Justine has always found comfort in the company of close friends, in an intimate setup, and I hope that I was at least able to give her that.

Friend, I know you’ll be able to read this (but I do hope you won’t), I’m just so happy for you. I know that you’re making such a mature decision, and you’ll be making a lot of sacrifices to follow your heart. Just always remember that I’ll be here for you, whatever happens :)

I can hardly believe I’m already this old to have friends to organize bridal showers for. I’ve always thought I’m young, but now I realize I’m only staying young at heart. Haha.;3;

How about you, girls? Care to share any bridal shower ideas? Feel free to post it on the comments! -ED

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