Is GLOWW Effective After 1 Month of Use?

Hi girls! Sorry for the uber late update on GLOWW. I’m supposed to update you monthly, but dance practices as well as other commitments (which I will blog about later!) just got in the way.

I’ve used up my GLOWW stash, and today I’ll be writing about the effect of GLOWW on my complexion after 1 month of use.

CLBT (Color, Luminosity, Brightness, Transparency) From my previous photos, I can say that my skin color’s lightened a bit, although when looking at it, some cosmetics make me darker than I really look (must be when my skin acidifies the makeup).

My skin tone’s more even now, and there’s less dullness noted on my skin. Truth be told, the best thing I appreciate about GLOWW is that it gives you a wonderful, glowing feeling not only from the outside, but ultimately, from inside. I look healthier and my skin looks more radiant. And this is only from one month of use.

Stay tuned for my final verdict on GLOWW after consuming the two months-worth of supplements. :)  -ED

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