America’s Next Top Model Cycle 18 British Invasion Winner Is…

Sophie Sumner ANTM Cycle 18

While it comes to me as a surprise that she won, I’m glad that she was hailed winner of this cycle’s America’s Next Top Model. I’ve loved her since the day she rocked her pink hair (because I love pink) which definitely did a lot for her personality and her presence. She just commanded attention every time she walked in the scene with that gutsy pink crown of hair and her bubbly personality.

While her photos are not always on top, and undeniably, Laura took better photos than her, I’m always looking forward to seeing her best photos every week! Laura was good though, maybe even better than Sophie in a lot of aspects. I’m sure that she have the makings of a great editorial model, and that she’d find her way eventually.

Looking back, I think this is my personal favorite of Sophie’s performances. I was sold by Sophie’s performance in the music video:

The best part about this is that, despite the competition being America’s Next Top Model, with the obvious home court advantage, she still went straight for the win. I love how she showed resilience and perseverance, and that she knows she wouldn’t settle for second best AGAIN. It just goes to show that if you work hard enough and want something bad enough, you will get it at the right moment. She definitely won’t be chosen to compete in this cycle had she won the the first Top Model she joined, and thank God she only came in second at that time. The universe truly conspires to give you what you’ve worked so hard for. This is just Sophie’s moment, and like most of the girls I’ve eyed throughout the history of Top Model, I’ll definitely watch out for Sophie, for the best is yet to come.

Sophie Sumner’s Dream Come True Fragrance Ad

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