The Breakout Diaries Episode 2

Onti na lang. Onti na lang talaga.

This is me giving myself a peptalk whilst in front of our huge-ass mirror, scrutinizing my skin and every inch of my face. My last entry regarding my favorite preoccupation ever, which is my pimple breakouts, was last October. Yes, I still haven’t fully cleared them out of my system just yet.

Although in photos, they may not seem so obvious, my face sans the makeup, it’s still an angry mob of pimple scars. The Hydroquinone + Tretinoin Combo has lost its effect on me, and I had to move on to another product. I am perpetually going up the product price ladder, but still have given up on the thought of a facial. Masakit eh ; n;

The only redeeming point in this period of my life is that I’ve finally reached THAT point where I don’t care anymore. Another zit on my face? What’s new?! Suddenly, I’ve found other things to be worried about other than that small, insignificant flaw, or in this case, those small, insignificant flaws. And, I get to try out a lot of skin care products and not be afraid to breakout! :) I can tell you which works and which doesn’t, for me, at least.

At the moment, whatever I’m using (which I’ll reveal once I’ve proven it works) is working. It’s getting there. It’s taming these unruly bastards on my face. Not only that, but it’s lightening up acne scars as well. So there you go, I have put my faith in another product, and I’m hoping it doesn’t fail me ever.

I know that I’m not really looking for a product right now. I’m looking for a way out of this stressful life I chose for myself, which I’m not even enjoying. :)) There are people who submit themselves to stress, yet at the end of the day, they are happy, because they are doing the things they love the most. Nu-uh, that’s not me. I’m doing something I definitely don’t like (detest would be the more accurate word) and still succumb to all the stress. And I get free pimples in the process! Hurrah, more fun. /sarcasm

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